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The "Dance and Silk" project, implemented in the technology of augmented reality by the St. Petersburg company "EmotionTales" for the lecture-presentation of E.G. Tsareva "Silk and gold of Bukhara: ambassadorial gifts of the Emirs of Bukhara in the collection of the MAE of the RAS", which will open the International Congress "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan - the way to dialogue between peoples and countries." St. Petersburg, June 6-8, 2018.
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Opinion poll: 65.8% of Uzbeks note that appeals to state bodies contributed to solving their problems

The Center for the Study of Public Opinion "Ijtimoiy Fikr" studied the work of government bodies and citizens' appeals in the mirror of public opinion.

The public opinion poll showed that the absolute majority of Uzbek people - 84.3% - fully support and approve the new system of active and open dialogue created with the initiative of the head of state with citizens in the form of the institution of people's reception.

Uzbekistanis actively use their constitutional law and apply to state authorities or economic management bodies to protect, restore or secure their rights and interests.

More than half of the respondents - 61.4% - apply to the state authorities and management through a written application through the reception offices, 16.7% of the survey participants sent the applications through the Single portal of interactive public services and 13.1% sent applications or complaints directly to the authorities Sites of organizations, ministries and departments.

According to citizens, the Single portal of interactive public services and electronic reception of state organizations, ministries, and hokimiyats are an effective means of promptly accepting and transmitting appeals from individuals and legal entities that make it possible to increase the effectiveness of public authorities and economic management bodies in dealing with complaints of physical and legal entities that contribute to strengthening the authority of organizations, ministries, departments and hokimiyats at all levels among the general population.

In the course of the survey, the majority of respondents, 82.1%, said that when they received and reviewed the appeal they sent to state authorities or economic management bodies, the head, deputy head or official of this organization invited them to a reception for personal conversation and consideration of the exciting Their question. This testifies to the effective interaction of state authorities and economic management bodies with citizens, which allows solving actual problems of the population.

More than half of the survey participants (53.9%) who applied to state authorities and economic management bodies received a response to their application within the 15-day period established by law. 13.3% of citizens noted that the response to their appeal came within one month, which is also allowed by the legislation as an exception in cases where an additional check is necessary to consider a complaint or application.

In the opinion of 67.8% of the survey participants, the state authorities and economic management bodies to which they applied made specific actions aimed at solving the existing problem and restoring the legitimate rights and interests of citizens.
The survey revealed the degree of satisfaction of citizens with the answers they received for their applications and complaints to government bodies and economic management bodies. In accordance with the responses received, more than half of the participants - 57.5% - are fully satisfied with the results of applying to state institutions, one in five respondents is partially satisfied, 4,7% are not satisfied with the answers received.
According to the opinion poll, 65.8% of citizens claim that due to the appeal to the state authorities or economic management bodies they managed to achieve a positive solution to their problem.
It is noteworthy that more and more Uzbeks note the increased quality of consideration of their appeals.
The experts who conducted the sociological survey came to a common opinion that the measures taken contribute to the effective protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, the creation of qualitatively new conditions for the implementation of the constitutional rights of citizens to apply to state authorities and economic management bodies to solve their problems.
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