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Goskomzemgeodezkadastre presented a modern method of communication with citizens

On July 1, an event took place in Uzbekistan, which presented a new approach to organizing work on the appeal of citizens to government bodies. People from different parts of our republic received an unprecedented opportunity to personally address the Chairman to solve their problems.

Please, imagine, the Chairman sits surrounded by the heads of the central apparatus in the office in front of the large monitor screen, in which, in alphabetical order are located windows connecting him with the fourteen regional offices of the State Committee for Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography. People in the offices are met by responsible persons and invited to the monitor at the appointed time. At the first videoconferencing in real time, questions of a different nature were raised.

For example, a woman from the Bukhara region, an invalid of the II group, addressed the Chairman and told that in connection with the reconstruction of the bazaar all private construction complexes were demolished. One of the building complexes belonged to a citizen who asked the President to help her with the issue of allocating a land plot and reimbursement of material compensation for demolition. The Chairman immediately instructed the specialists to study all of her documents and send them to the Committee. If it is established that there is a violation of the rights of a citizen, the Committee will prepare an expert opinion and refer it to the judiciary.

Another interesting question came from a resident of the Tashkent region. He told that he owns the house on a plot of 0.16 hectares. Part of the land 0.10 hectares is used for housing, the rest of 0.06 hectares was transferred to a non-residential fund for commercial activities by the decision of the hokim. By mistake of the commission under the hokimiyat, including specialists of the State Committee for Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography, 50 sq. m. were implemented in the tender for the construction of commercial object. Now the owner of this site comes to the victim's house and demands to release land plot acquired by him at the auction.

The Chairman instructed the head of the State Enterprise for Land Management and Real Estate Cadastre of the Tashkent Region, together with the regional hokim, to sort out the problem and take appropriate measures, and send a copy of all documents to the Committee for study.

Of course, the first videoconference was not without technical problems, some of which have already been eliminated and will be taken into account in subsequent videoconferences. The next videoconference will be held on Monday, July 10, from 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning.

The Committee apologizes for all technical failures and thanks for your patience and understanding.

All those wishing to apply personally to the Chairman, please, phone a single number 1097.

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