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Abdusalom Azizov: "Reliable protection of peaceful and quiet life of citizens remains unchanged for the Ministry of Internal Affairs"

“The changes taking place in the Ministry of Internal Affairs will contribute to the further reliable provision of a peaceful and quiet life for citizens,” said the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Major-General Abdusalom Azizov addressing journalists at the second session of the International Press Club.

Over the past six months, a number of cardinal changes have taken place in the sphere of legislative regulation of the activities of law enforcement agencies. One of the most important events in the history of Uzbekistan was the adoption of the Law "On Internal Affairs Bodies", which provides a uniform regulatory and legal policy in relation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in place of previously disparate secondary legislation.

After the entry into force of the Law "On Internal Affairs Bodies", the terms "militia" and "militiaman" will go to the past and will be replaced by "internal affairs bodies" and "employees of internal affairs bodies".

To improve the effectiveness of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a number of presidential decrees and decrees have been adopted, which are aimed at structural changes in the department in response to set goals. In particular, Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a resolution on the restoration of the special task force, Interior Minister Abdusalom Azizov said at a press club meeting.

- These troops were returned to us by the President's decree. Since May 1, they are in full legal subordination to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, "said Abdusalom Azizov, adding that the ministry will continue to work on their special training. The minister also noted that the special task force will be reorganized into a special corps under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.

Particular attention is paid to the work of law enforcement bodies at the grassroots level in makhallas and rayons, and the role of law enforcement agencies in the prevention of offenses.

In accordance with the instructions of the Government of Uzbekistan, the work of the internal bodies for the prevention of crimes and crimes, especially among young people, is drastically improved. The Presidential Decree established the Republican interdepartmental commission for the prevention of crime and the fight against crime, the working body of which is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also, the territorial offices plan to establish the post of Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Youth Affairs.

The Minister stressed that in the near future more 150 checkpoints of the police will be established. They will be opened in remote and densely populated settlements. The prevention inspectors and their help will become even more accessible to the population.

Among other innovations in the organization of the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which received a lot of attention during the meeting, was the Center for the Reception of Citizens' Appeals, which was created within the framework of the new Interior Ministry Directorate for dealing with individuals, legal entities and records management. Since yesterday, in the test mode,
1102 phone has started working, where it is possible to call and complain about illegal actions of employees of the internal affairs bodies, if such facts occur.
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