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A friendship committee is being set up. What do compatriots living in the USA think about it?

Interview with a representative of the diaspora Bakhtiyor Tuychiev

One of the functions of the Committee on Interethnic Relations and Friendly Ties with Foreign Countries will be the strengthening of friendship with the diasporas of compatriots abroad. How was this news perceived by them? This is the correspondent of UzbekistanToday talking with one of the active representatives of the Uzbek diaspora in the United States Bakhtiyor Hasanovich Tuychiev.

- Bakhtiyor, hello! Tell us how the representatives of the Uzbek diaspora live abroad?

- As you know, in the United States, the Uzbek diaspora has many groups, each of them is united by some ideological principles and is represented by its cultural organizations. Among them I can name "Vatandosh", "Yurtdosh", "Turkestan Uzbek Diaspora".

Regardless of the group to which this or that person refers, we all live a normal life, work, take care of families. In particular, I have five children. We try not to forget our historical roots and here, far from the historical homeland, carefully preserve the traditions and customs of our fathers and great-grandfathers. This can be seen in the presented photo from our family archive.

At the same time I must say that we all try to keep in touch with Uzbekistan. Visiting relatives is a matter of course, we try to monitor closely the events in Uzbekistan through the mass media. I want to say that we care about everything that happens in the historical homeland.

For example, although I live in America, I am a citizen of Uzbekistan. I agitated all representatives of our diaspora and himself took an active part in the elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as a result of which an experienced and progressive politician Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev headed the country.

- In particular, you even created a Facebook group for compatriots living in the US. Tell us more about it.

- Yes, indeed, I became the initiator and administrator of the Facebook group "President Sh. M. Mirziyoyev tarafdorlari va kullash comandasi", which today has more than 18,500 participants, most of whom are our compatriots from Uzbekistan, living in the United States.

The creation of this group is a cry of the soul, my personal reaction to the news that the First President of Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganievich Karimov, died, when the country for the first time in history remained without the President. Believe me, among us, natives of Uzbekistan living abroad, in particular, in America, were not indifferent to this event, we were very worried about how the events in Uzbekistan will develop. We just could not be indifferent to this fact, because it is our homeland. Compatriots abroad then were very worried.

And I decided to take the initiative in my hands, began to reassure people, to join the group in Facebook. And there is nothing to hide: we became an association of those who initially supported the candidacy of Shavkat Mirziyoyev as a strong politician, worthy to lead the country.

I personally wrote a letter to Shavkat Miromonovich with support and received his answer. Both letters, by the way, were posted on the group’s page in Facebook.

Well, now, when the presidential elections are over, our group continues to exist, now as an information platform where we discuss the most interesting and bright events in the life of the country, which is important for us living abroad, in our native, Uzbek language. At the same time, in our information policy, we adhere to the position "Uzbekistan is our common home" and the spirit of internationalism.

By the way, the group on Facebook is not the only media project, in 2011 I opened Internet radio Temuriylar Radiosi, it is also about compatriots abroad and it can listen to in different parts of the world.

- And what do you know about the establishment of the Committee on Interethnic Relations and Friendly Ties with Foreign Countries?

- Probably the same as all those who were able to watch the release of the news program "Ahborot" on the first channel of the Uzbek television and read the first materials on the information sites.
This is a very correct initiative. In Uzbekistan, there are a large number of cultural centers of different nations and nationalities living on the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as friendship societies between different countries, which had their own public associations. They became the basis for the creation of a state body in the person of the committee, which will bring the coordination of their work to a qualitatively new level. The creation of such a committee means that now more attention will be given to these issues in the country, as the public authority will have much more opportunities for implementing important events. Of course, it is very important that with the establishment of the committee in Uzbekistan a state body appeared that will not forget about us, Uzbeks living in other countries.

- What do you personally expect from the work of the committee?

- I would like very much, thanks to the activities of the committee, the communication of compatriots living abroad, with the Motherland was even stronger and more active.

It seems to me that from the first days of its work the committee should actively engage in establishing links with all the diasporas of Uzbeks living abroad, and there are many of them. In particular, I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Here the second largest Uzbek diaspora in America lives, more - only in New York.

I wished that with the help of the committee cultural ties intensified, many of our activities needed to support, which play an important role in preserving the traditions and customs of the Uzbek people in our community. This will strengthen our ties with cultural and art figures of Uzbekistan. If these events become more extensive, they will contribute to acquaintance of other peoples, living abroad, with the culture and customs of Uzbeks, with our country, in the end, it will serve to attract more tourists to Uzbekistan, otherwise they know little about our glorious country.
We expect just similar support from our Motherland.

(Photo from Bakhtiyor Tuychiev's family archive)
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