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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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The territory of the historical complex Chashma began to be reconstructed

Work on reconstruction, landscaping and gardening is beginning on the territory of historical and architectural complex "Chashma" located in Nurata district of Navoi region.

The Chashma complex is a Muslim shrine in the Nurata district of the Navoi region. The complex includes a "Chashma" well and a number of historical buildings. The name of the complex is literally translated from the Persian and Tajik languages as "holy well". It is one of the most visited and revered Muslim holy places not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout Central Asia. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the complex.

The complex is located near the ruins of the fortress Nur, which was founded by Alexander the Great. It is one of the oldest in the territory of Uzbekistan. The ruins of the fortification preserved to this day and are of great interest to archaeologists, as well as tourists visiting these places. During the excavations it was established that the fortress was located on a hill and was surrounded by fortress walls. Its rare feature was the water supply system.

The complex includes the 16th-century Juma Mosque, a medieval bathhouse and the ancient Panjwakt mosque.

In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, historical objects on the territory of the complex will be renovated and restored. The work is scheduled to be completed by October 1, 2019.

The owners of real estate in the zone of the complex, which will be demolished during the works, will receive compensation. For this purpose, 15 billion soums have been allocated.
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