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Shavkat Mirziyoyev began radical reform of science

Named the main shortcomings in scientific activity and identified the main directions for their solution. This follows from the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on November 29.

The document emphasizes that the widespread use of the achievements of world science and innovation has become an important factor in the dynamic and sustainable development of all spheres of life of society and the state. In Uzbekistan, accelerated innovation development is hampered by a number of system problems, as well as inadequate use of existing capacities and potential, as the decree acknowledges. 

Among such problems are:

1. Inadequate comprehensive analysis and study of achievements and trends in the development of modern science and innovative technologies in the development of state programs, which is why these programs often aim at eliminating the consequences of problems and do not solve long-term development problems;

2. Organization of fundamental and applied research, not providing the proper conditions for the full implementation and practical implementation of innovative ideas and developments;

3. Absence of a single body providing strategic forecasting, support and introduction of innovations, disparate functioning of research and information and analytical institutions, which does not allow to fully integrate science, education and production;

4. Shortcomings in the organization of activities to identify priority areas and industries that require the first-time introduction of new technologies and developments, which leads to technological backwardness;

5. Predominance of narrowly departmental interests in the organization of scientific research and the introduction of innovative ideas in some cases is one of the reasons for the irrational use of budgetary funds;

6. Lack of proper attention to the use of public-private partnership in the implementation of innovations, as well as improving the infrastructure for the introduction of innovative products;

7. Low level of cooperation with foreign and international organizations.

To solve these problems, the decree provides for the creation of a fund to support innovative development and innovative ideas. From 1 January 2018 will be abolished Agency for Science and Technology, State Commission for Science and Technology and Fund for the Support and Development of Scientific and Technical Activities in it.

A critical study of the activities of the Academy of Sciences and the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers is planned, and proposals are made to radically improve research and development, to introduce its results into practice, and to establish research and experimental specialized laboratories, high-tech centers and technoparks to develop high-tech products.

It is planned to revise the tasks and functions of ministries and departments, research and information and analytical institutions with a view to optimizing organizational and staff structures and authorities in order to avoid duplication in their activities.

In addition, it is entrusted to draft the Laws "On Innovation activity" and "On Science", which determine, among other things, the principles of state regulation and the forms of support for scientific and innovative activities, as well as the expansion of the use of innovative ideas, developments and technologies.

At the same time, the new Ministry of Innovative Development has tasks. He will:

- implement a unified state policy in the sphere of innovative and scientific and technical development of Uzbekistan aimed at comprehensive development of public and state life, enhancing the country's intellectual and technological potential;

- carry out an assessment of innovation based on indicators of its effectiveness, identify the main directions of development of relevant industries and areas that require the first-stage introduction of advanced technologies;

- coordinate the activities of government bodies, research, information and analytical institutions and other organizations on the implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies;

- to be a single customer of state scientific and technical programs and projects implemented by research, educational and other institutions;

- within the framework of assigned tasks, will study the state of affairs in state bodies and other organizations, to collect and generalize of proposals for the improvement of innovative activities;

- will be financed from the state budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other means not prohibited by law.
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