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3 Years Later: Samarqand Again to Host a Conference to Discuss the Contribution of Scientists and Thinkers of the Medieval East in the Development of Civilization

The international conference ‘Central Asian Renaissance in the History of World Civilization’ will become a logical continuation of the international Samarqand conference of 2014 ‘Historical Heritage of Scientists and Thinkers of the Medieval East, Its Role and Significance for Modern Civilization’ held with the participation of Islam Karimov.

On August 28-30 Samarqand will host the international conference aimed at deep study and comprehension of the intrinsic value of the historical scientific heritage of scientists and thinkers of Central Asia, wide acquaintance of the national and world community with their invaluable contribution to the development of exact, natural and Islamic sciences, involvement of research centers and leading scientists of different countries of the world to a comprehensive study of their works and discoveries, careful preservation and popularization of this intellectual heritage of humanity.

One of the main distinguishing features of the forthcoming conference from the event of 2014 is that along with the works of scientists in various fields of exact, natural and human sciences, a rich heritage in Islamic sciences will be examined, which is one of the main components of the cultural upsurge in Central Asia in the 9th - 12th centuries.

Particular attention in the work of the conference will be devoted to the analysis of the scientific heritage of outstanding scientists and thinkers like Muhammad Al-Khorazmiy, Ahmad al-Farghoniy, Abu Rayhan Al-Beruniy, Ibn Sino, Al-Zamakhshariy, Mirzo Ulughbek, Alisher Navoi, as well as great theologians Imom al-Bukhoriy, Burhoniddin Marginani, Imom Termiziy, Abu Mansur Maturudiy and others.

It is assumed that in the reports of leading national and foreign researchers on the analysis of the scientific activity of thinkers and scientists, a wide palette will be revealed, reflecting the peculiarities of scientific and cultural renaissance that took place in Central Asia in the 9th – 12th and 14th – 15th centuries.
After the plenary session, the conference will continue its work in the format of four sections: ‘Development of Exact and Natural Sciences in the Period of the Central Asian Renaissance’, ‘Central Asia Is the Cradle of the Advanced Ideas of the Islamic Sciences’, ‘Humanitarian Sciences of the Central Asian Renaissance’, and ‘Art and Architecture as a Mirror of the Cultural Upsurge in Central Asia.’

The conference is expected to involve major international organizations, including UNESCO, OIC, and ISESCO, representatives of diplomatic corps, famous world museums, scientific and educational institutions.
The conference will be an important milestone in establishing close scientific ties between national and leading foreign scientists, including in the form of the creation of international scientific teams for the joint study of the heritage of scientists and thinkers of medieval Central Asia.

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