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Nodirbek Abdusattarov: I Just Take Pleasure in Playing Chess

Will our 12-year-old chess player Nodirbek Abdusattarov become the youngest grandmaster in chess history? The answer to this question will come in the next three months, during which he must take part in five major international tournaments.

In particular, his coach – the International Grandmaster, FIDE coach Dmitry Kayumov, who has brought up not one grandmaster, is convinced that his disciple Nodirbek has all the chances to break the world record of Sergey Karyakin. As argument the trainer refers to his pupil’s achievements and personal qualities: "Nodirbek became the champion at the World Cup among chess players under 8, and later at a similar competition among players under 10 he came second. The youngster became a two-time world champion among students and an international master, and has already managed to earn a grandmaster score. In 40 years of coaching, I nurtured a lot of international grandmasters, but must admit that I have not met such a talented young chess player as Nodirbek. He is very athletic, hard-working, has an excellent memory; he well remembers the game positions and crucially, he is not afraid of the opponent."

And Nodirbek himself, answering questions from Uzbekistan Today, has admitted that he is preparing for victories only and a ‘hot’ spring.

“Nodirbek, what does one need to become a leading player by 12 years of age?”

“Labor much and work hard on oneself. One needs to constantly be in search of errors and work to fix them. "No victories without losses", "learning from mistakes" - it's all about how you can become a successful chess player. No defeat should remain out of scrutiny and study, and one should always, at least after the competitions, to try to figure out one’s own errors and drawbacks. I had a lot of defeats, but it is they that I owe my victories.

“And also you need to love ardently what you're doing to succeed. I, for example, take pleasure in the game of chess. I like to play it not only in the chess school. Such an attitude towards the game has been in me ever since when my father went on to tell about this ancient sport and teach basic skills.”

“Can you name the saddest defeat in your career?”

“The finals of Uzbekistan League 2016, when I performed very badly. I did not know what was happening, but I lost many times, did not understand the positions and eventually failed.”

“Tell me about the most a remembered event, the brightest victory.”

“It is the tournament in memory of M. Chigorin in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2016: there I was able to earn my first grandmaster score. At that competition I fought with three grandmasters: in one game I came out as the winner, another was reduced to a draw, and the third one I lost.”

“You have to travel much around the world: what country, what city did you like best and remember much?”

“St. Petersburg, because in the competition in that city I first fulfilled the standard international master norms, and later earned my first grandmaster score.

“Throughout my career, I have already visited 15 countries, and it has been always interesting everywhere as each country is unique in its own way, and each trip brings in familiarization with a new one, it is associated with the opening of new frontiers.

“Still, I can perhaps highlight Hungary. She captivated me with her unusual beauty and amazing architectural monuments.”

“How do you cope with school? Do you manage to combine studies with chess, after all, because of trips to tournaments you probably have to miss classes?”

“I am a sixth-grader in the Tashkent school number 152. I can’t say the combination of studies and sport is hard for me. Teachers treat me with understanding. I always make up the material missed due to travel to tournaments. When I come across a difficult subject matter, which is rare, the teachers have always come to the rescue.”

“Do you have any other hobbies?”

“Chess and school spare almost all of my time. But I also find time to play football with friends in the backyard, do athletics, and we are lucky have a stadium close to home. Sports help to balance many hours of sitting at a chessboard.”

“And finally, what can you advise to your peers who want to achieve results in chess, but so long as they do not make for it?”

“It is essential to set a goal and persevere in achieving it. It is important that its achievement brings you pleasure. Working through the principles of "I don’t want", "it does not work", "I will do it because parents want it to be done” do not bestow great results.”
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