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Nilufar Abduvalieva: "I like to revive the splendor of national clothes in the new"

The revival of the splendor of national clothes in a new, modern and actual design - this idea is driven by the creator of the Mursak brand, Nilufar Abduvalieva, who has become the next guest of our rubric "Persona".

- Nilufar, what does the word mean chosen by you for the brand name that you and your Fashion House employees use also as a pseudonym?
- Everything is very simple. Mursak is a kind of national dress, a kind of dressing gown. It seems to me that this word is most suited to the name of our brand, since it most fully reflects what we are really doing. We make modern outfits for high fashion shows and for everyday use, widely applying the motifs of traditional clothes and fabrics, which are made for us by artisans from Margilan, Samarkand and Bukhara using traditional Uzbek technologies. And it's not just about us. Among our customers have lovers of oriental coloring from Canada, America, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Russia. We were "welcomed" on weeks of high fashion in Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Russia.

- Is it true that you not only come up with designs for your collections, but even patterns for fabrics, from which they have been sewn?
- Yes, it's absolutely true. I work very closely with artisans, from whom I buy fabrics. We can say that all of our fabric with an exclusive pattern. Why do not I claim 100% exclusivity? Because, as a rule, weavers undertake to make one kind of fabric under the condition of redemption of a certain footage, and it depends on its kind. This is often more than necessary for one or more outfits. We sell the remains. But, believe me, these are so small quantities that our clients do not have a chance at one wedding to see clothes from a fabric with the same pattern.

- And how do your sketches of patterns are perceived by weavers? Are they always feasible?
- It happens very rarely that the master unconditionally undertakes to embody the idea that I proposed to him. We have been discussing the project for a long time before he starts work. It often happens that what is conceived on paper looks good, but it is not possible to convey this magnificence to the fabric due to a number of technological processes. Therefore, together with the master, we refine the pattern, so that everything turned out the best way.

- And where do you get inspiration from, creating a new pattern for the fabric?
- First of all, these are albums in which ethnographic materials are collected, in part - from the ones seen in museums and other exhibition grounds, where historical samples of national dresses are presented. I was always inspired by traditional luxurious fabrics - adras, atlas, shoyi, a’lo bakhmal. They seem to be designed to create a sensation of the eastern fairy tale. Creative imagination allows you to create from the seen a new, previously unrealized.

- How is the traditional one transformed into modern design?
- Everything depends on what you want, on the topic of the new collection. For example, when we create something new for Europe, we try to preserve the forms of the outfit, the pattern, but at the same time to escape from rampage of bright colorings and colors inherent for our region. When focused on the East, on the contrary we preserve the colorings and colors inherent for the region, but we try to adhere to foreign trends in style.

- It is known that you graduated first economic, then a law universities, and when did you become interested in fashion?
- And what girl or woman does not dream of becoming a fashion designer? All of us, women, are fashion designers in the soul. My mother is a needlewoman. She has been sewing clothes for us since childhood. And when I was a little older, I started to get involved in modeling and sewing clothes: first - for dolls, and then - for people. There was a time when I stopped modeling and sewing, it was for years of study in universities. But everything changed the preparation for the niece's wedding very abruptly. We decided to sew as many exclusive outfits as possible. It was the beginning of my professional passion for fashion, which culminated in the creation of the national fashion house Mursak.

- And what about your education, it did not come in handy?
- No, it did. Now the received knowledge helps me very much in the business connected with development of the Mursak Fashion House. As for the legal education, I am now thoroughly preparing to become a notary - I work as an assistant to a notary. This is necessary in order to pass the certification and get the right to practice as an independent notary practice.

- Do not you think about choosing one direction: either fashion or notary?
- I want to continue to do both, the more one does not interfere, on the contrary, creates conditions for harmony in the soul. In the fashion house - I am the founder, design work - in my spare time. A notary is a service, I like this kind of activity, designed to ensure justice.
In addition, my character is this: I cannot leave what I started to do earlier.

- Are there designers in addition to you in the fashion house?
- Of course. In addition to two regular, there are also visiting. Creating a collection is a collective creativity, where we, embodying the main idea of our brand, working to revive the splendor of national clothes in a new, modern and contemporary design, try to listen to everyone's opinion.

- What do you intend to do to further promote the Mursak brand?
- Plans a lot. Among the most grandiose are the creation of new collections, participation in prestigious weeks of high fashion abroad, the opening of branded stores abroad. But this is all in perspective...
I will do my best to realize what I have planned.
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