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Bobir Nurmukhamedov: "Social networks have long become a source of information about consumer preferences"

Over the past two weeks, a young and ambitious marketer, the founder of one of the most numerous in Uzbekistan Uzbek groups, "Drivers of Tashkent" Bobir Nurmukhamedov gave interviews to several online publications. Among the journalists who addressed him were also journalists from the Uzbekistan Today creative group. The subject of our conversation was an attempt to find out how social networks are used by our marketers, since it is no longer a secret that they serve as a source of information necessary for studying the preferences and moods of people.

- Bobir, please, confess, you created one of the most popular groups on Facebook to use it in future for professional purposes?
- No, that you are "Drivers of Tashkent" - this is a hobby from the very beginning, to which, of late, I, incidentally, have less and less time. Our group with a red logo reminiscent of the silhouette of the skullcap with the sign "DT" was originally conceived as a resource about the rules of the road, a platform for discussing various difficult situations on the roads. As life has shown - this is a very urgent topic. Therefore, now our group has more than one hundred thousand users. That's why we started on Facebook to create other groups with the same name, goals and objectives. By the way, many of these groups have budded off from ours: they simply disagreed with the positions how to be the content of the group. I insisted on focusing on the rules of the road and the problems of their compliance, and there were guys who wanted something more. Those who wanted more and came across my "no", created groups with similar or similar names. The relevance of our group speaks and the fact that the publication of our users become the primary source of information for many online media.

- And, having such a resource, you never used it for professional purposes as a marketer to study the market?
- It was a couple of times and a long time ago when I needed to study the market of engine oils. In my professional work, I most often use another, perhaps the largest Facebook group in Uzbekistan - "Consumers. Uz", because I work in companies engaged in retail and delivery of catering products.

- Are not you afraid to make such confessions?
"But I'm not doing anything illegal." I and many other successful marketers abroad and in our country receive the necessary information by analyzing the public information in social networks. That is, in our field of vision, the information that any user will see if he goes to this or that resource. Only marketers if the average user evaluates the information "useful - not useful", "interesting - uninteresting",
"I take note - I do not need this information", then for the marketer every sign, every point is important, interesting and informative, because all this Allows you to draw conclusions about the preferences of consumers. Based on the information received, strategic decisions are made for the promotion of goods. In a word, Facebook gives us to understand what life is and what the consumer is breathing.

- In the beginning of the interview, you noted that more and more from the work of the administrator of the group "Drivers of Tashkent", and are not afraid for the future of the resource?
- We continue to keep the brand. And administrators help me very actively in this. I want to thank them for the hard work of the moderators. After all, they make sure that there are no age-old participants in the group, and posts strictly correspond to our information policy - everything about the rules of the road and their strict observance. All unnecessary - delete. This makes our group user-friendly. Another question is that I personally am engaged in this work less than it was at the initial stage, busy at work.

- Your group is known as the initiator of various social actions, I know they went to an orphanage, visited the veterans last year on the occasion of May 9, and much more ... How do you plan to build work in this direction?
- All this is an initiative of our active users and all this is realized at the expense of our means. There will be initiatives, there will be forces and opportunities will be and new shares. It is our civil position to help the needy as far as possible.

- Are all social initiatives of users supported by the group?
- There have been cases when you had to refuse. In particular, not so long ago, our activists were asked to deal with drivers who do not follow the rules of parking, and leave cars in the wrong place, which leads to difficulties in traffic. The essence of the action was to stick special stickers on the car of such drivers. We did not support this initiative because the fight against violators of traffic rules is the prerogative of authorized state bodies.

- If you look through the materials of the group, there are a lot of materials in it that the representatives of the road safety department might not like. How do you develop relationships with representatives of public authorities?
- And you know, many publications in the group have become the basis for us to appeal to the state authorities through the UPIPS. And it is clear that many of our proposals are not from a number of those on which an instant decision can be taken, so we get answers "taken into account", "will be taken into account when developing normative acts" and so on.

"Will the guards on the roads find out?"
"Me?" Yes, they will find out, by the sticker on the car - I have a group logo on my back window. Sometimes they ask what this means. I explain. Sometimes, the conversation ends with a request not to write about the state of the roads badly. And that's all!

- What new projects do you expect from you on social networks?
- Recently I was invited to the administrators of the new Facebook group "Marketing and Sales Club". This is a purely professional group, where professional issues and their solutions are discussed. In my opinion, it turned out to be a very interesting and informative resource for specialists.

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