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Adding Comfort

Akmal Paiziyev has spent almost his entire conscious life making other people’s lives more comfortable through implementing simple and efficient solutions based on modern information technologies. He was one of the first to create a software product, which is being used outside the country.

Despite his busy schedule, Akmal Paiziyev shared some of his secrets of success with an Uzbekistan Today correspondent.

“There’s been no information on the pages of Uzbekistan Today about you ever since you started dealing with taxis… By the way, it was a rather critical turning point in your activity, which was devoted to GPRS technologies and IT. How did it all happen?”

“I remember quite well my presentations under the heading “The Public Forum” with Uzbekistan Today newspaper and an interview on our attempt to introduce the GPRS technologies on the sanitary aviation vehicles.

“And my story with the taxis had started several years ago after my trip to India with my friend. Travelling around the country we made use of the “rickshaw” services – it is a motorcycle with some seats for passengers. Namely then an idea struck us to set up a company, which would render taxi services. That’s when a company called CITY TAXI was set up in Tashkent. Having looked into the secrets of this business I made up my mind to establish a company called “My Taxi”.

“My Taxi” is a dispatcher service, which has no its own vehicles and cooperates with the taxi companies of the country. The philosophy of “My Taxi” lies in our willingness to make taxi services more comfortable. To be able to call a taxi at the time of your convenience and location in the city; and to pay for the service it is sufficient to be a user of a mobile communication net and have in your gadget a mobile application and a system of mobile payment. We are preferred to other service providers for one simple reason that we provide transport within the shortest possible time; deliver servicers of standard quality and provide an opportunity to pay in a cashless form. Moreover, our passengers know for sure that they will be provided with technically sound vehicles of a certain brand and comfort level with a neatly dressed and courteous driver.”

“I have information that you move about the city exceptionally by taxis. Why a successful businessman does not use his own vehicle?”

“I have long forgotten when I sat at the wheel. I have got a car, but it’s in the garage. It’s much more convenient to move around the city by taxis. Having called a taxi I take off all responsibility for problems, which may arise on the way and I get additional time for the solution of current issues. It’s hardly possible at the wheel of your own vehicle. There is also a guarantee that a taxi will deliver you to the right place without any superfluous problems. But when you drive yourself, you’ll have to rely entirely on yourself. You have also to be able to navigate in our city.

“I think that taxi is a transport of the future. It is not only comfortable, but also relives you of a whole lot of problems, for example, that of parking. It’s a “win-win” situation for everyone – drivers, pedestrians and … city mayors.”

“You name is associated with the development of an interesting trend in business. Who could imagine ten years ago that our domestic software would be used overseas? But it is a reality today, and an example of that is the “Workly” program elaborated by your company. Was it problematic to break through into international market?”

“Our programmers are not inferior to foreign specialists; they are capable to create quality software products, which they do. This is something, by the way, which foreign companies have long been taking advantage of, and they consider Uzbekistan in the quality of an intellectual platform for the elaboration of their output.

“Our experience is interesting in that the process takes place fully on the territory of Uzbekistan and it is realized exceptionally by our specialists, and only then the product is sent to an international market. True, so far we have only one such development – the “Workly”. This system of automated workflow, accounting estimates and monitoring the labor discipline, in particular, linked with coming and leaving the workplace by staff members, is employed in 211 cities, including those in Europe and America. At the same time, we consider the international market as very promising one for ourselves.

“The only requirement is that the product should comply with modern needs of the enterprises and could solve an acute task. The problem with so many competing programs lies in the complexity of their utilization; they require relevant training for working with them. Our product is easily understood by any specialist. But even a good product needs promotion. With this aim in view we take an active part at the exhibitions, organize presentations, and cooperate with overseas specialists, who are involved in the sales of the program. Definitely we do make use of numerous marketing moves to attract the attention of our potential buyers.”

“By the way, what was the outcome of the project on the installation of the MaxTrack system on the sanitary aviation vehicles, which you mentioned at the beginning of this interview?”

“The project has not taken root with the medics since this service employs drivers with many years of service record and they are much trusted by the management, and hence they can easily reach any destination on the territory of the country.

“Nevertheless, this system is used by many government and private companies, because it is an effective system for monitoring fuel consumption and employee performance. The system’s potential has been also highly appreciated by farmers, who install it even on their tractors. Moreover, 60% of its users reside in the regions.

“Aren’t you afraid that one of your projects will fail to take root while you will have spent your resources for nothing?”

“I have already had such an experience in my practice. To be more precise, we failed with the Internet trade projects: do you remember the “” and “” projects? Unfortunately, we had to give up the idea to develop online shopping for a number of reasons. Firstly, at the time of the projects’ launch it turned out that we did not have developed legislation in the field of e-commerce. And secondly, the number of Internet users at the time was not sufficient enough to make the project effective.

“But we have always been working in the spirit of innovation. By the way, we also look at the e-commerce as a promising direction of activity. True, we think more about the development of mobile commerce: almost everyone has got now a mobile phone, and that means that there is an opportunity to make this process more comfortable.”

“Would you like your children to follow in their father’s steps?”

“They are too small as yet, but I hope that they will become successful people and, at least, well versed in IT. However, it is my belief that everyone should choose one’s own path themselves.”  
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