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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.


Sarvar Karataev: My "silence" is broken
Sarvar Karataev: My "silence" is broken

It's easy to do interviews with those who just "went" to the market, boils over ideas, burns with the discovery of new points and "gets sick" with new problems for the restaurant. It is more difficult to prepare for an interview with someone who "makes" a restaurant for a long time. Someone whose business dictated to the city upper limit, and does not give up his ...

Sarvar Karataev: My "silence" is broken 24-11-2017
Sarvar Karataev: My "silence" is broken 2144
Nilufar Abduvalieva: "I like to revive the splendor of national clothes in the new"
Nilufar Abduvalieva: "I like to revive the splendor of national clothes in the new"

The revival of the splendor of national clothes in a new, modern and actual design - this idea is driven by the creator of the Mursak brand, Nilufar Abduvalieva, who has become the next guest of our rubric "Persona".

Nilufar Abduvalieva: "I like to revive the splendor of national clothes in the new" 03-07-2017
Nilufar Abduvalieva: "I like to revive the splendor of national clothes in the new" 3141
Farukh Ulugjanov: "The dishes say that you can create in the kitchen too"

Lamb with ratatouille and bone marrow sauce. The most famous restaurant experimenter of Uzbekistan, Bakhriddin Chustiy, could not resist this product of author's cuisine, cooked at the culinary championship "Oltin Pichok" (Golden Knife) by former prize-winner of rowing races on canoes of Republican and Asian levels Farukh Ulugjanov. He was not only among the jury members who ...

 Date Added: 12-06-2017
Number of views: 3211
Bobir Nurmukhamedov: "Social networks have long become a source of information about consumer preferences"

Over the past two weeks, a young and ambitious marketer, the founder of one of the most numerous in Uzbekistan Uzbek groups, "Drivers of Tashkent" Bobir Nurmukhamedov gave interviews to several online publications. Among the journalists who addressed him were also journalists from the Uzbekistan Today creative group. The subject of our conversation was an attempt to find out how social n...

 Date Added: 27-04-2017
Number of views: 3558
Competition in Science Just Like in Sports

Our guest today is the young scientist Raufkhon Salahodjaev who has made it to be named one of the world’s best young economists over the past five years.

 Date Added: 03-03-2017
Number of views: 3874
Artistic Experiments

The Designer of the Year, Sculptor of the Year, Public Education Instructor of the Year… No, it is neither winners of a contest, nor holders of an award. All these titles have been granted to one interesting person – Marina Borodina.

 Date Added: 24-02-2017
Number of views: 18911
Nodirbek Abdusattarov: I Just Take Pleasure in Playing Chess

Will our 12-year-old chess player Nodirbek Abdusattarov become the youngest grandmaster in chess history? The answer to this question will come in the next three months, during which he must take part in five major international tournaments.

 Date Added: 17-02-2017
Number of views: 4723
Turning the Camera Back

Movies ‘You Are Not an Orphan’, ‘The Whole Mahalla Is Talking about It’, ‘Tashkent, City of Bread’, ‘A Little Man in the Big War’ has long been part of the golden fund of Uzbekistan cinematography. At the creative meeting in the Alisher Navoi National Library, the participants like turning the camera back, look at the one who is always behind the scenes, but without whom the movie is impossible.

 Date Added: 19-01-2017
Number of views: 18893
National Dishes Are Added … Into Presentable Look

The restaurateur Bahriddin Najmiddinov has come up with a new project that allows the masterpieces of the Uzbek national cuisine become more attractive and presentable.

 Date Added: 13-01-2017
Number of views: 4562
Composer Must Be Versatile

The composer Dilorom Omonullayeva always keeps verses on her piano so that any time she could find the right words to the newly composed music. She is known as the author of serious, academic works and popular pop songs. Although at the beginning of her professional career she could not imagine what would become the composer-songwriter.

 Date Added: 05-01-2017
Number of views: 4589
Towards a Magic!

What is the New Year without a fairy tale and its main character Father Frost? When he comes all is filled with festive mood, makes one believe in a miracle, even for a few minutes, to become a child in the depth of the soul, and make a secret wish that will come true.

 Date Added: 31-12-2016
Number of views: 4637
Aziz Shohakimov: “Always Want to Play with Native Orchestra for My Favorite Audience”

Aziz Shohakimov, giving his first concert at the Turkistan Palace with the National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan within the Golden Autumn 2016 Fashion Show, has left the country in order to return after two weeks and give another concert as part of the same festival of art.

 Date Added: 18-11-2016
Number of views: 3523
In the Surgeon’s Shadow

When Mavlon Meliboyev walks around his native clinic with a surgeon, his customers’ parents, as a rule, shake the hand of his colleague and thank; while surgeons, realizing the role of those like Meliboyev pretty well, welcome the people of this profession standing up on their feet. All surgeons in the clinic of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute would like to work with our hero.

 Date Added: 05-11-2016
Number of views: 3455
Adding Comfort

Akmal Paiziyev has spent almost his entire conscious life making other people’s lives more comfortable through implementing simple and efficient solutions based on modern information technologies. He was one of the first to create a software product, which is being used outside the country.

 Date Added: 27-10-2016
Number of views: 3645
A Time of Fashion Brands

Demand for designer clothes in Uzbekistan has picked up over the past ten years. Among fashion designers who work to alter local tastes is Timur Tashkenbayev, who has been interviewed by an Uzbekistan Today correspondent.

 Date Added: 20-10-2016
Number of views: 3930
How to Make Use of IT Potential

Modern information and communication technologies can radically improve our life, and make more efficient the activities of all enterprises and organizations irrespective of their forms of ownership, says Laziz Adkhamov, a representative of one of the global giants SAP. He offers organizations software solutions in the market.

 Date Added: 13-10-2016
Number of views: 3444
Returning to Tashkent. 30 Years Later…

There is nothing better than celebrating your birthday where you were born. On September 23, a well-known writer, master of the short story, Lidoliya Nikitina, whose works have been translated into 17 languages, including Uzbek, celebrated her 75th anniversary and did it in Tashkent, where she was born, but hasn’t lived here for 30 years.

 Date Added: 06-10-2016
Number of views: 3615
Digital Teeth

There has been talk for several years in Uzbekistan on setting up a digital dental clinic, which would enable to improve the quality of treatment of patients by many indicators. Today it has turned into a reality.

 Date Added: 02-10-2016
Number of views: 3202
What ‘Adam’s Offspring’ Will Say

The director and writer Mansur Vasati working on the script for the film ‘Adam’s Offspring’, in which he tries to find a solution to the complex conflict of civilizations. Whether he succeeds? However, his creative task is the other - to focus the viewer’s attention on the problem, get to think and thereby protect against rash actions, make people a little kinder and wiser, and most importantly - ...

 Date Added: 01-10-2016
Number of views: 3193
A Victory of Olympic Scale

Three gold, two silver and two bronze medals, and first team place… Such is the result of Team Uzbekistan’s performance in the Rio Olympics. It seems that we know everything about the athletes who have emerged triumphant. But when it comes to the head coach and his contributions to the training of athletes, we know next to nothing. Below, an Uzbekistan Today correspondent speaks to the boxing team...

 Date Added: 29-09-2016
Number of views: 3167

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