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Nonna Grishayeva: “I hope that the idea of our play... will reach the hearts of the Uzbek audience”

On Saturday and Sunday on the stage of the Alisher Navoi State Academic Bolshoi Theatre the Moscow Regional Theatre of the Young Spectator presents the drama “Five Evenings”. On the eve of this event in the cultural life of the capital, the female lead and the artistic director of the theatre Nonna Grishayeva shared her outlook with the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today and her expectations for the forthcoming trip.

- You are a multifaceted creative person. You are known as an actress of theatre and cinema, a female anchor and a singer. What does theatre mean to you?

- The theatre is my life's work. I love it much more than television and cinema. Because the theatre is a lively exchange of energy with the spectator. In the cinema you do not know how you will be edited and what will remain of your role. In the theatre everything is different: you go on stage, the viewer is in front of you, they see everything and understand you ... That's why the theatre occupies first place in my life.

- What does the play “Five Evenings” mean for you both as the artistic director of the theatre and as the female lead?

- The play “Five Evenings” is my old dream. For a long time I dreamed to play Tamara (the main character). This character is interesting in that it has a range. There is a development and an aspiration: from a woman, tired of life, forgot about the warmth, love and tenderness to a loving and passionate woman, and suddenly, unexpectedly, she lost the newly acquired love, forgot about pride, and for this love she is ready for everything, only so that this love cannot be lost again.

People often ask me: “Why do you need this? Why do you need to be an artistic director?” And I reply that it's a great happiness when you have the opportunity not to sit for years and wait for something that will fit you interests but to do what you would like. Therefore, “Five Evenings” is the embodiment of an old dream and an important stage for our theatre. It's not for nothing that Pavel Safonov is nominated for the “Star of the Theatre” award in the nomination “Best Director” for this work. For artists who take part in the play, it's a gift. A. Volodin is an ingenious playwright, who is able to define the characters so that it is an absolute happiness to play them.

- What do you expect from a trip to Uzbekistan?

- As an artistic director of the theatre, I am very worried because this is the second foreign tour since my management of the theatre. Recently we went to Tallinn with our legendary performance “Lady Perfection”.
It is very exciting for both as a person and as an actress, because I will be in Tashkent for the first time. It is very interesting to see the city with such an amazing culture and history. Artists are waiting for these tours with a great thrill.

- The play “Five Evenings” on the Tashkent stage will be held in the same version that it is on the Moscow stage or will you adapt something?

- No, we do not adapt anything; it will take place in the version in which it is on the Moscow stage. Director Pavel Safonov gave this play a tough form, and it is completely inexpedient to change something in it, so it will be as the director decided it should be.

- What do you expect from the meeting with the Uzbek audience?

- We expect only one thing – the understanding of the play, because the play is very domestic, and the performance itself is very symbolic. I hope that the idea of the play, the message intended by the author and developed by the director will reach the hearts of the Uzbek audience.
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