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A system of mandatory registration of mobile devices will be introduced in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, it is proposed to introduce a system of mandatory registration of IMEI codes for mobile devices. Accordingly, the provision of cellular services to subscribers using mobile devices whose IMEI codes are not registered will be prohibited.

The project of the President's Decree "On additional measures to streamline the system of accounting and import of mobile devices to the Republic of Uzbekistan" is posted on the portal, writes. (

IMEI (English International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number, usually from 15 digits, which is indicated in the device itself (displayed on the screen by typing * # 06 # on the keyboard), under the battery, on the package and in the warranty card. IMEI codes are used in cellular phones of GSM, WCDMA and IDEN networks, tablets and some satellite phones.

Violation of the rules of trade and provision of services will recognize the change in IMEI codes (cloning, duplication, installation of a new code different from the factory one, etc.) for the further use, implementation, or transfer of mobile devices to third parties. The guilty will be held accountable right up to the criminal, and the state will be punished in full.

Such measures, according to the project developer (Minfincom), will contribute to strengthening the rule of law. In particular, these measures will prevent illegal importation and use of non-certified mobile devices in the country, as well as increase the receipt of customs payments to the budget when importing mobile devices. It will also improve the effectiveness of the fight against the illegal import of mobile devices and the unauthorized use of networks and telecommunications.

It is expected that the measures taken will reduce the number of thefts and increase the responsiveness of their execution. It is also important that these measures will stimulate domestic manufacturers of mobile devices to increase production volumes, product quality and localization level.

The operator of the registration system will be the State Unitary Enterprise "Republican Center for Management of Telecommunications Networks of Uzbekistan". The only body for the certification of mobile devices is the Center for Research and Marketing Research "UNICON.UZ".

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