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Personnel problems of medical institutions will continue to be solved by combining professions and positions

The procedure for working part-time and combining the professions and positions of medical workers in health care organizations has been improved.

This follows from the President's Decree "On Additional Measures to Improve the Staffing of Organizations of the Public Health System of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

It has now been established that the duration of the working hours of part-time doctors should not exceed one month's standard, for other categories of workers in public health organizations - half the monthly norm.

The resolution made a number of changes to the "Regulations on the procedure for combining jobs and combining professions and positions" approved by the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No. 297 of October 18, 2012.

- Employees of health care organizations are exceptionally given the right to combine work, including those associated with unfavorable working conditions (in particular in the laboratory, X-ray, radiology, etc.), even if the main job of a part-time worker is related to the same conditions. Medical personnel of health care organizations are allowed to simultaneously work in the amount of not more than two rates, taking into account the part-time work, says Mirazim Mirtalipov, the head of the Main Department of Economics, Financing and Forecasting of the Ministry of Health. - In addition, the state increases the maximum amount of additional payments for combining professions and positions, expanding service areas, increasing the amount of work in budget organizations to 50% of the official salary (tariff rate) for a combined profession and position. Previously, such an allowance could not exceed 30%.
Implementation of this resolution will increase the availability and coverage of the population with medical services, and will positively affect the effectiveness of the medical care provided.
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