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Polling Stations Set up


Polling stations on the election of a President of the Republic of Uzbekistan are being set up at all electoral districts of the country in accordance with the national legislation.


The session of the Tashkent district electoral commission on the election of a President of Uzbekistan addressed the question of formation of polling stations on the territory of the district.

Chairman of the district electoral commission A.Yunuskhojayev noted that conducting the elections in compliance with the national legislation and international standards, principles of openness and transparency will play an important role in determining the country further development and the future of our people. In this connection it is particularly important to effectively organize the activities of the polling stations.

The commission considered presentations made by the heads of district administrations and commanders of military units on the formation of polling stations. 713 polling stations were set up on this basis on the territory of the district and their lists with indication of their serial numbers, boundaries and addresses were approved.

It was stressed at the event that the electoral commissions formed within the limits of the district should be provided with state symbols, furniture and the means of communication, information and relevant equipment.

Members of the Karakalpak district electoral commission at their session set up 590 polling stations on the territory of their district. Tasks were outlined on providing them with communication resources and visual aids, necessary literature, periodic publications and create favorable conditions for voters. The district commission also reviewed applications submitted by editorials of regional mass media, independent journalists and creative associations on their accreditation. A decision was taken on accreditation of representatives of mass media for objective coverage of preparations for the election of a President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

734 polling stations were created on the territory of the Surkhondaryo electoral district.

“A decision on this question has been sent out for execution to district and municipal administrations and relevant departments,” says member of the district electoral commission M.Qodirova. “The list with indication of all information on the boundaries, addresses of polling stations, number of voters and location of buildings for voting shall be published in the local press for informing the voters.”

The Law “On the bodies of citizen’s self-administration” envisages nomination of members of the precinct election commissions at the makhalla citizens’ assemblies. There are 833 makhalla citizens’ assemblies in Surkhondaryo region. Their activists are currently engaged in the selection of candidates for membership to the precinct election commissions.

Sessions of district electoral commissions at which were set up polling stations on the election of a President of Uzbekistan have also been conducted in other districts of the country.

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