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Objectives Supported by the Electorate


Representatives of different enterprises, women and youth have attended the meeting of presidential candidate Sarvar Otamuratov from Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party of Uzbekistan with the wider public of Khorezm region.


The presidential nominee’s authorized representative Muhabbat Turaboyeva first familiarized those gathered with the candidate’s biography. Then Sarvar Otamuratov presented the major provisions of his pre-election program.

He noted that the program attaches special attention to spiritual and enlightenment sphere, and underlined that a nation with a high level of self-conscientiousness, paying tribute to its values and traditions, and maintaining the historical memory will advance dynamically along the road of economic, social and humanitarian development.

The presidential hopeful pointed out that Uzbekistan, including Khorezm, boasts many-centuries long history and a unique cultural-historical heritage. All this creates conditions for boosting the travel industry, whose tremendous potential has not been used to the full yet, for turning our country into one of the globe’s pivotal tourist destinations.

Having said that, the candidate noted that it is essential to secure further development of the tourist infrastructure, hotel services and transport logistics, as well as introduction of modern information technologies into different sectors of the travel industry. 

The meeting participants stressed that the advancement of tour industry in Khorezm is a key issue. It will contribute to increasing the flow of foreign and domestic tourists into the province, to bolstering its economic development and raising the income of the local population. From this point of view the goals and objectives advanced by the candidate to the presidency of Uzbekistan Sarvar Otamuratov has found support with the electorate.

The presidential nominee also held a meeting with the constituency and the public of Karakalpakstan. It was attended by international observers, representatives of government and social organizations, women and the youth, and activists of mahallas.


In the Video Conference Format


The meeting of the presidential candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, with the constituency of Andijan region was held in the video conference format.


An open and lively dialogue was held with the electorate who assembled at the regional and all district centers, in the course of which the presidential candidate presented his election program.

Special attention in it was paid to the improvement of government and public administration, securing supremacy of law and further reforming the judicial and legal systems, enhancement of economic reforms, consolidation of macroeconomic stability and maintenance of dynamic rates of growth, development of the social sphere and the employment of the population, elimination of obstacles on the road to the advancement of private ownership and entrepreneurship, elevation of the level and quality of living standards of people.

It was stressed at the meeting that the Andijan region has been developing at accelerated rates. The evidence of this could be seen on the example of 1.7 times growth of the gross regional product starting with the year 2010. More than 95% of industrial goods in the region are manufactured in such modern sectors of economy as automotive, light, chemical, petrochemical and food industries.

More than 140 joint ventures in the province have been set up over the last five years in those districts that did not have industrial production in the past. The export volumes of the Andijan region currently make up about $160 million, which is six times as much as those in 2011.  

Shavkat Mirziyoyev also met with the electorate of the Ferghana region. The participants of the event underlined, following the introduction to the candidate’s pre-election program, that the Uzbek Model of development has produced its tangible results across all spheres. They noted that the electoral processes have been in full swing on the basis of national legislation and international democratic principles.


Strong Social Policy


Presidential candidate Khatamjon Ketmonov, representing the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDPU), has met with the constituency of the Tashkent region.


The party chief delivered a report of his pre-election program. He noted in particular that the ideas and policy goals and objectives of the party were laid at the foundation of his program, including priorities linked with the adoption in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the PDPU faction decision to proclaim itself opposition with regard to the bloc of democratic forces who make a parliamentary majority.

Issues of consolidating the role of the state in the realization of strong social policy aimed at raising the living standards of all strata of population, first and foremost those with lower incomes, on the basis of socially-oriented market economy stemming from the ever-growing economic potential of the country, were among the major tasks of his pre-election program. The presidential candidate considers it necessary to elaborate well-justified mechanisms for determining the minimal consumer basket, introduce absolutely new modern methods for securing employment, and protection of the interests of low-income layers of the population in need of government and public support.

Special attention in the program is given also to the delivery of just, equal and socially-accessible conditions for the youth to choose a profession, obtain education and job upon graduation from an educational establishment irrespective on his/her social origin.

The participants of the meeting, which was held in the form of a video conference, expressed their opinions on the candidate’s pre-election program and the tasks outlined in it. They noted that conducting presidential elections in Uzbekistan on the basis of multi-party system was a practical embodiment of democratic reforms spearheaded in our country.

The speakers called on the constituency to take an active part in the forthcoming elections of president of Uzbekistan, which play a major role for the future progress of our Motherland and the well-being of the people.


Special Emphasis on Healthcare and Education


Candidate to the presidency of Uzbekistan from the Adolat Social-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, Narimon Umarov, has held a meeting with the electorate of Surkhandarya region.

    The presidential nominee’s authorized representative R.Khamroyev familiarized the gathering with the Umarov’s biography. The contestant to the highest post in the nation informed the meeting participants about the principal directions of his pre-election program.  

It specified such important tasks as strengthening the socially-oriented economy, further raising the quality and level of living standards of different social strata. Special attention was paid to such spheres as education, healthcare and protection of the environment.

Issues of providing the population with timely, accessible and high quality medical assistance, improving the value of medical services, consolidation of medical services for children at schools and pre-school educational establishments, prevention of illegal turnover of medical substances, and the sale of counterfeit and substandard medicines are among the program’s main guidelines.   

The program of the presidential candidate advances a number of tasks to be addressed in the social sphere, among them being the modernization of the education system. The candidate noted in particular that the youth’s interest in getting higher education has been growing in recent years; the number of applicants exceeds 18-20 times over the established enrollment quota at the Termez State University alone. The program proposes to raise the selection level of endowed youth and ensure further consolidation of continuity in the sphere of upbringing and education.

It was underlined at the meeting that large-scale creative works and modernization of the urban and rural infrastructure have been underway in Surkhandarya region in recent years. Modern houses, trade and consumer service facilities have been built in Termez, and the living standards of people have seen upward movement during the last five years.  

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