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Kazakhstan Officials Visit Uzbekistan to Get Acquainted with Electoral Process

Today a group of officials of Kazakhstan has arrived in Uzbekistan to observe the presidential elections.

Kazakhstan group of officials composed of 40 representatives of Kazygurt, Maktaral, Shardara, and Saryagash districts were welcomed at the Ghist-Kuprik customs station by the Uzbek Minister of Culture and Sport Bahodir Ahmedov, the chairman of the Customs Committee of Uzbekistan Zohid Dusanov, Deputy Foreign Minister Saidkarim Niyazkhodjaev and director of the Interethnic Cultural Center Nasriddin Muhamadiev.

Within the visit, the guests visited the three polling stations of the capital.

”Prior to arriving in Uzbekistan, I only read that Uzbekistan people are actively participating in the electoral process. Having been at the polling stations, I am convinced that this is true,” said the chairman of the Public Council Toyym Zhunisov. “Especially crowded at polling stations was in the morning. The high level of preparedness of election commission members deserves high praises.”

The program of stay of the Kazakhstan officials also included the familiarization tour around Uzbekistan. The Kamolot Youth Creativity Palace presented the concert by the amateur dancing and singing groups of the national cultural centers. The guests also visited Hazrati Imom and Zangi Ota complexes and the Tashkent Islamic University.

Kazakhstan officials hugely interested in the organization of the work of mahalla (community) committees. They got interested in this institution after the visit to the precinct election commission no 307, which located in the building of the citizens’ assembly of Hazrati Imom mahalla.

“We have no such institution of civil society as mahalla in Kazakhstan,” says the journalist, deputy secretary of the Shardarya district election commission Yesenbay Beisenbiev. “During familiarization with the activities of Hazrati Imom mahalla we saw what an important role this institution plays in the education of the population, crime prevention, and social protection of the population. This experience deserves careful consideration, and I think about the creation of a similar structure in the future in Kazakhstan.”

Taking into account the wishes of the guests in the afternoon they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the organizational structure and activities of mahalla committees. The guests visited the citizens’ assembly of Obod Turmush mahalla in Zangiota district. The guests got familiarized with the infrastructure, the conditions created for the development of family businesses - cafes, shops, bakery, the conditions for the conduct of physically active lifestyle - modern sports ground. During the seminar held with participation of the Kazakhstan officials, the chairman of the citizens’ assembly and his advisers familiarized the guests with the ongoing work.

In the evening, after the dinner the guests will enjoy the concert. 
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