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Head of OSCE/ODIHR Mission Arrives in Uzbekistan

The Head of OSCE/ODIHR Mission for the observation of presidential elections in Uzbekistan Johan Peter Traugott Theiler arrives in Tashkent today.

Earlier, the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan has accredited members of the core group of the OSCE/ODIHR mission, comprising 17 people from 13 OSCE participating states.

The core group consists of two divisions - analytical and operational - and provides full operation of the entire mission, including the collection, organization, compilation and final analysis of all the information related to the election, including regular contact between the mission and OSCE/ODIHR to provide the mission with all the necessary support from the headquarters of ODIHR in Warsaw.

The head of mission Johan Peter Traugott Theiler is a Swedish citizen, born in 1949, Master of Arts, and has 40 years experience of diplomatic work. Over the years, he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, its diplomatic missions in Syria, and also led his country’s diplomatic mission in Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa and other countries. From 2012 to 2016 he was Sweden’s Ambassador to Iran.

His task is to monitor the work of the mission, including the establishment and maintenance of contacts with government authorities, electoral authorities, other participants of the electoral process, as well as providing the preparation of intermediate, preliminary and final reports.

OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission’s core group also includes long-term observers in the amount of 28 people and short-term observers in the amount of 250 people.

The long-term observers, whose arrival is scheduled for November 5, 2016, will be responsible for monitoring the various stages of the electoral process in the regions and providing the mission participants with comprehensive information. The work of long-term observers allows ODIHR to compile a report on the electoral process in its entirety.

The short-term observers are responsible to monitor the election process in the regions they assigned, as well as an accurate and complete report on the process to the headquarters of the mission. The deployment of a sufficient number of short-term observers allows ODIHR to cover a statistically representative selection of polling stations across the country. The short-term observers will arrive in Uzbekistan December 2-6.

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