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For the Future of My Family and State

On December 4 at 7 AM I hurried to the polling station no 484 in order to, firstly, to fulfill my civic duty and vote, and secondly, to talk about the work of one of the ordinary polling stations.

It is located in the Arnasay Street of the first quarter of Chilanzar district. It was not difficult to find the station, as for the convenience of the residents numerous signs were set in the surrounding streets. Besides, brightly lit building was noticeable from afar.

The bright and spacious hall has tables for committee members. Banners with the basic provisions of the electoral legislation hung on the walls of the hall, as well as the CEC posters with biographies and election programs of presidential candidates. Space is provided for observers from political parties, international organizations and foreign countries.

“In our polling station has all the necessary conditions for voting,” the chairman of the district commission Abdufattah Abdumadjidov says. “The list of all 1,400 voters of our area is put on the wall, including those several young people who vote for the first time. They were briefed on the order of voting.”

Indeed, the Commission is provided with computers, communications equipment, a lot of literature about the elections and the electoral law. The station has booths for secret ballot, and special ones fitted for persons with disabilities.

There is a medical center with doctors and nurses, who are ready from the early morning to render the first medical aid.

But the room of mother and child is of special attention. It is very comfortable and spacious room filled up with various toys for kids! Children spend time here while their parents do their civic duty.

However, it is time for me too to perform my duty too. I come to the members of the election commission and give them my invitation. Checking me out in the voters’ list, they ask to present a passport.

“What if I forgot it?” I jokingly ask them.

“Then it is necessary to return home for it, because you live not far from here,” they seriously say.

And only after presentation of the document they give me a ballot. I personally, by my example convinced that much has been done in these elections to prevent the so-called ‘family voting.’ All clear and legitimate: one voter - one vote.

I decided about my choice long ago. Therefore, it takes less than a minute to enter the voting booth and put a cross in front of one of the four presidential candidates. Then I drop my list into the transparent ballot box.

Outside of the polling station I talk with those who have already voted.

“I participated in the elections more than once,” shares her impressions the labor veteran Olga Kurieva. “The current election campaign has been very well organized. All information about the elections, presidential candidates and their election programs and ideas we have received in full from the media, as well as posters. I liked our polling station very much, and even do not want to get out of here. It is not by chance that by 7 AM about a hundred people have already cast their votes. By making well-informed choice, I also voted for the future of my family and state, for peace and welfare of all citizens of Uzbekistan.”

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