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Early voting has started in presidential elections

Serious preparations are carried out for the upcoming December 4th presidential elections in our country. All conditions for voting have been created at the polling stations. 
Early voting begins ten days before the election and ends the day before the election. The timing of early voting is determined by the district election commission and shall be brought to the attention of voters, observers, representatives of mass media.

In order to use the early voting mechanism, a voter receives a polling list from the precinct election commission at their residence. At the presence of at least two members of the precinct election commission (PEC) a voter signs the voters list, confirming receipt of an electoral list.

The electoral list is filled by the voter in a specially equipped booth or room for secret voting.

A voter makes a decision and leaves filled the electoral list in a sealed envelope in the PEC. Two members of the precinct election commission as well as a voter sign the envelope and the enveloped will be sealed with the stamp of the commission. Based on these requirements of the law, the procedures for early voting have been determined in all electoral districts of the country.

For example, the 14th Tashkent City District Commission adopted a decision "On the determination of the time of early voting in accordance with Article 31 of the Law" On elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan" on 18 November 2016. According to this decision, the early voting period for voters in the city of Tashkent has been determined as from November 24 to 2 December. The voting will take place in these days from 9.00 to 18.00 hours.

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