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Candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Narimon Umarov Voted in Elections

Candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Adolat Social-Democratic Party Narimon Umarov voted December 4 in the polling station no 550 in Tashkent.

Reforms to regulate socio-economic relationships only through legislation, to improve the quality and standard of living getting implemented in our country based on democratic principles are yielding good results. The work continues recognized at the international level to ensure the rule of law and social justice, introduction of innovations in the economy, training of qualified personnel, as well as development of science and further enhance the role of civil society institutions.

The national legislation stipulates that people who are citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regardless of nationality, is the only source of state power. The Constitution of our country guarantees the right of citizens to elect and to be elected to representative bodies of state power. Elections are an integral part of the democratic state of law, based on a strong civil society. They ensure the participation of citizens in managing the affairs of state and society. The future and the further development of the country depends on the conduct of elections in accordance with the highest democratic requirements and international norms, on the basis set out in the provisions of the Basic Law of Uzbekistan, as well as the voter turnout and the choice made by them.

The Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is an important political event. This process is held in full compliance with national legislation and international norms, principles of multiparty system, transparency and equality. Each voter, actively participating in the elections and expressing their will freely vote for prosperity, peace in our country and the great future of the native land.
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