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The president has placed emphasis in the activities of the new ministry

Yesterday, Shin Agrepina Vasilievna was appointed the Minister of Preschool Education and under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a meeting devoted to the issues of radical improvement of the preschool education system was held on October 19.

When it comes to the education system that is crucial in our life, we have to repeat again and again the wise thought of our ancestor - educator Abdulla Avloni: education for us is a matter of life or death, the President of our country said. Whatever sphere of our life activity we pay attention to, it is obvious that we can not achieve any changes and transformations, a prosperous and prosperous life without educating modern, highly qualified personnel. Preparation of such personnel, a healthy gene pool of the nation, first of all, begins with the system of preschool education.

The system of preschool education is the initial, the most basic link in continuing education. According to the scientific conclusions of specialists and educators, a person receives 70 percent of all information and data before the age of five. Already this very fact clearly demonstrates the importance of education in the kindergarten for the development of our children by harmoniously developed personalities.

There is no need to look for any additional confirmation of this. When comparing a child who was educated in a kindergarten, with a child who did not visit him, it is not difficult to notice the difference between their level of thinking.

That is why we raised the issue of revising the system of preschool education to the level of state policy and started a lot of work in this direction. If we do not think through this issue deeply and comprehensively, it will be difficult for us to achieve qualitative changes in the whole education system, to ensure its continuity, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Currently, the State Program on the expansion of the network of pre-school educational institutions, strengthening their material and technical base, and the construction of new kindergartens has been adopted and is being implemented. Taking into account the experience of developed countries, the issue of expanding the network of non-state educational institutions, including non-governmental kindergartens, is also given serious importance. This serves to form a healthy competition in the system and expand the range of educational services.

At the meeting, special attention was paid to the issue of the training of specialized personnel for the sphere of preschool education. It was emphasized that these highly qualified educators and mentors who will be able to implement our decisions will teach our children the basics of knowledge, the most necessary life concepts and skills.

In this sphere, an extremely topical task is the development of advanced pedagogical methods that correspond to modern requirements, the publication of a new generation of educational and methodological literature.

Another important issue is that it is necessary to organize a high-quality medical service in pre-school educational institutions, to establish a healthy food system that fully complies with sanitary and hygienic norms and rules.

At the meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Preschool Education, the Ministry of Public Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the regional and Tashkent city khokimiyats and other relevant departments were instructed on each issue with specific deadlines.

The need to provide buildings and high-qualified personnel for the Ministry of Preschool Education of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Tashkent city, regional departments of pre-school education and district (city) departments of pre-school education was noted.

Attention is paid to the improvement of curricula and programs to improve the qualifications of teaching staff in the system of preschool education on the basis of advanced foreign experience, the allocation of quotas for 2018-2023 in the direction "Preschool education" for special correspondence departments of universities.

Instructions are given for the introduction on the Unified Portal of interactive public services of an electronic program for the admission and enrollment of children to state preschool educational institutions. Also, from a critical point of view, the state of the provision of state-owned preschool educational institutions with modern information and communication technologies and Internet connection will be studied, and a program of measures for phased provision of them with modern computer equipment and connection to the Internet will be developed.

The need to allocate doctors to pre-school educational institutions, to upgrade the skills of nurses, to provide drugs for first aid, to sanitation and hygiene, to organize the diet of children at the level of established standards was stressed.

Attention is also paid to the issue of reviewing and approving again the standards for the publication of educational-methodical and didactic literature for pre-school educational institutions.

In short, in the field of preschool education, we must create a modern system in all respects, the head of our state said. In the next 3-4 years, we must achieve full coverage of all 5-6-year-old children of our country by the system of preschool education. This is the question that determines our tomorrow, and we will definitely implement it.

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