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The man on a stool

The evening of avant-garde poetry and music was held for the first time in the Sergei Yesenin museum: "The man on a stool".

"Such a creative evening was never and was not planned in the State Literary Museum of Sergei Yesenin," admitted a leading researcher of the literary center in the Uzbek capital B.A. Golender, opening an evening of avant-garde poetry and music with a shocking title: "The man on a stool".

- "This is the first time!" - and reinforced his agreement to such a creative experiment by the fact that during the time of his youthful literary searches and trials, Sergei Yesenin signed the "Declaration" - a kind of literary manifesto. The signed poets, including V. Shershenevich, A. Mariengof, V. Khlebnikov, who were gathering at the Stall of Pegas literary cafe, criticized the slogan of the futurists, "The Word is an end in itself," and put forward a "new" slogan: "The image is an end in itself." "Art is a form." They stated categorically that content - one of the parts of the form.

His new creative platform, announced in the intriguing title of the evening, his ideological organizers and participants - the poet Ashot Danielyan and his friend the composer Marat Maksudi - were fully revealed in a two-hour musical and poetic program, more likely, resembling a theatrical performance. The creative duet did not leave any of the mostly youthful public indifferent.

In complete silence the first exciting chords of the lyric play are heard. At the piano - composer Marat Maksudi. He plays in a half tone, so as not to muffle the voice of the main hero of the creative meeting - poet, musician, writer, translator, head of the "Wings of Origami" rock band Ashot Danielyan.

The poet went out to the audience, stood on a low stool, as in a distant childhood, and opened the evening with a poem about silence, loudly shouting into the microphone the first sacred phrases:

Silence! .. - this is also music,
Silence! .. - this is music too.
Sometimes it is even more
To please the conventions of intense
Musical image.
But is there a way to realize fully,
Being a thought of a prisoner:
Where did silence of the music end?
Where did silence of the silence begin?
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