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Premiere: in the theater of the operetta they presented the continuation of the life of Gogol's Khlestakov

The State Theater of Musical Comedy (Operetta) of Uzbekistan hosted the premiere of "The Bride of Khlestakov" musical comedy based on works by Gogol "The Auditor" and "The Marriage"

This story continues the life of Gogol's Khlestakov. Place and time of action - Russia, first half of the 18th century. The play is a vivid, original and at the same time instructive story in which Marya Antonovna, the daughter of the notorious Gogol’s town governor Skvoznik-Dmukhanovsky, decides to marry and thereby to rectify her position as a non-dowry girl. What did the audience get out of it, but what did the honored artist of Uzbekistan, the State Prize laureate, composer and conductor Anvar Ergashev tell about the performance?

"Once, in a conversation with our famous director Sergei Caprielov, we decided to jointly create something for the operetta theater. Literally in 3 months he called and said that there is ready material. Since he was at the time working on the production of "The Auditor" at the National Academic Theater of Uzbekistan, he came up with the idea, and not continue the play and show how the fate of the heroes ended, of course in the format of a comedy and musical performance. As a result, Sergei Sergeyevich did a great job following the stylistic features of the language of the great Gogol, created a new comedy and a libretto for writing music. Not finding the author to create songs, he turned to the work of great Russian poets such as Anna Akhmatova, Bella Akhmadulina, Sergei Yesenin, Alexander Pushkin and others, selecting poems that would lie in the plot of the play and found!

They are as if specially written for the play and also have the highest artistic value. I, when he offered to write music for these verses, first refused, realizing the level of responsibility, explaining that the poems of these authors are pure poetry, and that they are independent and beautiful in themselves. Yes, and it turns out - according to experience, I noticed that when two independent energies come into contact, even in art, they can be rejected. After heated discussions Sergei Sergeyevich still convinced me to try, and I started to work, and something started to work out. This was the birth of this performance."

I must say that, as it should be, in the classical operetta, the entire plot is revealed primarily through music. The music of Anvar Ergashev emphasizes the dynamics of the work, it was she who brought a special individuality to the character of the characters. And the fact that the poems of the classics are included in the play, this gave them an extraordinary sound - the arias can live a separate life and compete with the most recognizable and classical romances. And, of course, they were pleased with the wonderful actor's composition, the correlation of different kinds of arts, including choreography and the work of decorators-the entire collective, which greatly enriched the performance. One cannot but rejoice over the work of the author and stage director of the performance Sergei Sergeyevich Kaprielov.

The premiere ended with prolonged applause, exclamations of "Bravo". The performance received many positive reviews and was adopted unanimously.

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