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ICT Assists Judges
ICT Assists Judges

Uzbekistan accords a great deal of importance to the development of information and communication technologies, which are effectively used in all areas of our lives. 

ICT Assists Judges 24-03-2016
ICT Assists Judges 551
Priority: Human Interests
Priority: Human Interests

Uzbekistan has been effectively practicing the principle ‘From a strong state to a strong civil society’, which has been a guideline for ensuring human rights and interests, creation of favorable conditions for implementation of people’s potential, expansion of powers of various civil institutions.

Priority: Human Interests 05-02-2016
Priority: Human Interests 976
Sources of the Future

Search for the most effective energy sources has always been in the spotlight in the history of civilization.

 Date Added: 29-01-2016
Number of views: 1026
The Honor of Defending Your Homeland

Uzbekistan has celebrated a symbolic date, the Day of Defenders of Homeland.

 Date Added: 15-01-2016
Number of views: 1011
A Matrix of Success
 Date Added: 08-01-2016
Number of views: 1053
One Day of the Country’s Chronicle

Uzbekistan Today’s Review of 2015.

 Date Added: 31-12-2015
Number of views: 904
The Boom in the Furniture Industry

Uzbekistan can hardly be called a land of forests. That said, its furniture industry obviously ranks among the fastest growing today.  

 Date Added: 25-12-2015
Number of views: 755
A Striking Symbol of Independence

Uzbekistan stands on the threshold of one of its main holiday, Constitution Day. 

 Date Added: 05-12-2015
Number of views: 802
Discovering New Names

On November 16-22, the Uzbek capital city has brought together talented young people from all over the country.

 Date Added: 27-11-2015
Number of views: 734
High Guests Hit High Spots

In the context of the escalating global economic crisis, few countries have been demonstrating sustainable economic growth.

 Date Added: 13-11-2015
Number of views: 712
Major, Constructive, Effective Measures to Create Jobs

Providing jobs ranks among the key priorities of Uzbekistan’s socio-economic development and is a pivotal condition for improving the quality of people’s life. 

 Date Added: 06-11-2015
Number of views: 803
Localizing Success

The 9th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange is in full swing in Tashkent. 

 Date Added: 30-10-2015
Number of views: 853
When Textiles Are All the Rage

The world-renowned cotton industry of Uzbekistan has been gradually receding into the background. Entering the European and Asian markets, a new generation of domestic textile brands has been hard on its heel. The world's leading fashion houses like Gucci, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein have been successfully using Uzbek ikat, adras and satin in their collections. Uzbekistan Today reporters have...

 Date Added: 23-10-2015
Number of views: 959
The Elderly Carry Kindness and Light

The enormous creative work in all areas of social life in Uzbekistan is aimed at protecting human interests, ensuring family welfare, and bringing up children as decent members of the society.

 Date Added: 29-06-2015
Number of views: 862
Summer. Heat. Recreation

When the thermometer hits +40°C, the body needs coolness and relaxation. Therefore, although air conditioners create and maintain the indoor climate, the majority of Uzbeks prefer summer getaways. 

 Date Added: 19-06-2015
Number of views: 775
Substituting Imports

A three-month exhibition marathon - the first stage of the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange – is wrapping up in Uzbekistan this week. Launched in early April in Samarkand, the exposition locomotive of achievements in the domestic industry has visited all regions of Uzbekistan, reaching its final stop at Uzexpocenter. Tens of thousands of samples of goods, the production...

 Date Added: 12-06-2015
Number of views: 645
The Big Starts with the Small

The current global economy provides almost unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in particular. It stands to reason that analysts call globalization of small business and its active invasion of export markets as the main trend in the development of the business landscape in the 21st century. Uzbekistan, where the share of small business in GDP has already exceeded 56%, showing...

 Date Added: 05-06-2015
Number of views: 692
Nation’s Wealth

Fountains of oil, workers drenched in black liquid from head to toe, huge torches of burning gas… Today’s oil and gas industry no longer looks this way. Today, it stands at the forefront of technological advances, creating real demand for innovative solutions and equipment.

 Date Added: 29-05-2015
Number of views: 892