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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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An urgent task is the formation of a completely new, efficient and qualitatively functioning public administration system, the organization of well-coordinated activities of government bodies and local executive bodies. These issues were discussed by spec

The oldest bazaar in Tashkent will be turned into a masters' shop, where tourists can see with their own eyes how artisans work and buy their products.

This is reported by with reference to the deputy chief of the Central Directorate of Architecture and Construction of Tashkent Asomiddin Tadjiev.

According to the architect, the Chorsu bazaar was rebuilt twice already. However, this time the market is reconstructed in such a way that it becomes interesting for foreign tourists. According to the project, the bazaar will become part of the tourist route, where guests will not only be able to purchase oriental souvenirs and taste national cuisine, but also to see how this is done.

"Foreign tourists do not need our high-rise buildings and new buildings. They want to see historical buildings and oriental flavor. According to the new project, the "Chorsu" bazaar will turn into a so-called shop of masters. Craftsmen will make their products and sell them there. There are a lot of such workshops in Bukhara," said the deputy head of the department.

According to Asomiddin Tadjiev, the tourist route will start from the Kukeldash mosque. Then tourists will walk on foot through the "eastern bazaar" to the Zarkaynar street. There they will be waiting for a bus, which will take guests to the Hazrati Imom complex, where the Center of Islamic civilization will soon be built.
It should be noted that construction works are already underway in the "Chorsu" bazaar. A number of outlets in the complex have already been dismantled - clothing and jewelry shops, several food outlets, a chapan-bazaar. However, as noted by Tadjiev, a complete reconstruction of the market will take about two years.

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