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Valuable changes

Robert Francev, Vesti TV channel, Russia 1:

The Russian media delegation arrived in Uzbekistan consisted of 20 people. We have participated in the meeting which briefed us on the nuances of the election campaign in Uzbekistan, and what makes this election different from the campaign of the previous years. We have visited four electoral headquarters of all four candidates, and it was very informative.

If not speaking about the political component, but in general, familiarization with the life in your country, we visited the Aircraft Repair Plant, and Uzteks Textile Enterprise. Besides, we had the opportunity to stroll around the city, to get acquainted with Tashkent, and to communicate with people.

The first thing that catches your eyes is the numerous changes. Reducing the number of signatures required for the registration of the candidate to 1%, which, as we understand from the information provided by the Central Election Committee, made available to participate in the elections for everyone. This is the most important, significant change.

In the preparations for the campaign much emphasis was placed on the organization of comfortable conditions for access to polling stations for people with disabilities, particularly, the presence of ramps. This was one of the main issues when we got acquainted with the electoral processes in the different countries. In principle, this is nuance, but it is very important. The angle of inclination should be not more than 30 degrees.

Concerning the coverage of the elections, I think such a large number of foreign journalists speak volumes. This shows your willingness to be open and make the electoral process transparent. We would like to thank the hosts, who are doing everything possible to ensure us, the Russian journalists, feel comfortable here, and have absolutely every opportunity to cover the electoral process.”
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