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Uzbekistan Media, Covering Elections, Grows in Number Significantly

There is no doubt that the media plays a key role in the electoral processes. One of the sessions of Press Club been dedicated to this theme ‘Mass Media and Elections: Providing Feedback.’

Representatives of the media, particularly internet portal, Echo of Valleyradio,and NAEMM told about the challenges they face now, and what approaches used in election coverage. The presentations were also made that day by the First Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications SherzodShermatov, the Chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Chamber of OliyMajlis of Uzbekistan IlhomAbdullayev, the Director of the Foundation for the Support of Print Media and News Agencies of Uzbekistan AbdulazizAbdullayev.

The participants of the session noted that the requirement of the present time is the promptness and reliability, because journalists provide in some ways the openness of the upcoming elections. Yet, quality materials should form the basis of the huge flow of information.

In recent years, more independent mediahas begun to cover the election process, including the Internet news portals, which are joined by social networks andmessengers, where information can often appear earlier than in the websites or on radio and TV.

The most actively discussed issue at the session was the transparency of state agencies, including the regional government structures. It is known that most of them have opened their own websites. Journalists got interested in the content of those websites.

The issue concerning the transition to electronic voting was also discussed, as well as the information security. Though all technical questions solved, the issue remained of readiness and willingness of the population to vote in this way. In some countries, for example, Germany, despite the availability of all technical means for electronic voting, people prefer the traditional paper version.

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