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The third day of Press Club opened the session dedicated to the latest innovations in the electoral legislation system of Uzbekistan

Its notable that this session is the fifth one, in contrast to previous has been demanded mostly by international journalists. Even before the session in the lobby they have surrounded the speakers and national experts questioning them in regard of election legislation. Questions continued wihin the frame of reference.

As far as the electoral legislation system of Uzbekistan complies with international standards and the most efficient democratic practices? It was hard to find a journalist who this day visited the press club without the desire to find an answer to this question. And the answer has been provided several times.

Improvement of the national legislation is passing in accordance with international norms and practices exclusively in the interests of the state, - said Deputy Commissioner of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Rakhimzhan Khakimov. - In March 2015, Uzbekistan the previous presidential elections has passed. By the the results of it have been defined the points in legislature that require improvement. And in December of the same year Oliy Majlis considered the amendments and additions to legislation designed to incorporate the views of international observers, national and international experts in the field of electoral right.

Presidential elections in 2016 are based on the amendments to the existing legislation. In order to understand the innovation reporters helped the deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, Shukhrat Khakimov Rakhimjon Yakubov.

One of the changes was a reduction from 5 to 1% of the number of voters' signatures, that parties shall provide to the Central Election Commission while  candidate's registration. "Today Uzbekistan has 20 million voters. According to the previously existing regulations it turned out that the party in support of their candidates was to provide more than one million signatures, but nowadays its sufficient to have 200 thousand signatures. This practice has provided the objectivity of the procedure. This has contributed to the exclusion of cases when the same voter puts his signature in support of two or more candidates. "

Among the novel amendments providing voting opportunities for people in custody has taken place, which also corresponds to the best democratic practices.

 Voters of Uzbekistan who cannot vote on the place of one's residence on the elections day, are enabled to use their constitutional right in advance. For today, this right has already been used by more than 70 thousand people of Uzbekistan.

Currently Press Club is getting ready for the next session, the theme of which is formulated as follows: "Mass media and elections: to provide feedback».

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