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The Country’s Political Modernization. To Be Continued

The Press Club: 2016 gets started the sessions at which journalists in communication with representatives of the Oliy Majlis, other public authorities, as well as with representatives of civil society institutions can get complete answers to questions concerning the country’s development. The first session was devoted to the political modernization of the country and was held with the participation of the Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Sodiq Safayev and the Director of Uzbekistan Center for Human Rights Akmal Saidov.

This fall, the Uzbek people have faced a difficult test. Due to the untimely death of the founder of the independence of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, the need for an early election of the President arose for the first time in the history of the country. Time has shown that people have been able adequately to withstand this difficult test in the conditions of peace and stability, mutual understanding and the desire to ensure the further development of society.

What state the people of Uzbekistan managed to build within the first 25 years of independent development, and what are its prospects? These questions asked by leading journalists Sherzod Kudratkhojayev and Bobur Alikhanov set the theme of the conversation.

“The most important result of the development of Uzbekistan in the first 25 years of independence has been the construction of the constitutional state,” Akmal Saidov emphasized. “Developed and improving legal framework in the country made it possible to create the conditions for stable and sustainable development in this difficult time.”

He added: “We have never sought to please anyone. Everything we do, we do for the sake of the interests of our people, on the basis of our national interests. We do not seek to please any state or international organization.”

During the years of independence, Uzbekistan declared itself as an independent state, which builds its foreign policy on the basis of the interests of the citizens. Today Uzbekistan takes its own decisions on all foreign policy issues.

On December 4 the people of Uzbekistan will elect the President, the head of state, who will set out the country’s development priorities in the near future. At the session, national and international journalists asked various questions, including those on the development and prospects of Uzbekistan. They were interested in relevant aspects of the reform in the judiciary, dissemination of experience of creating free economical zone and many others.

“We barely reach the economic growth, if not change the political matrix, if not create laws that support private enterprise, if the human and entrepreneur rights not guaranteed, if not create a favorable climate for investors,” Sodiq Safayev said, and stressed: “Without democratization we will not get the economic takeoff.”

In particular, journalist Sherzod Muhammadi, referring to the speakers, asked to explain the meaning of one of the main slogans of the development of the country, “From a strong state to a strong civil society” and how it would be implemented in the future.

To date, the country has a bicameral parliament that by adopting laws, establishes the rules for all civil society actors. If at the time of independence, about 200 nongovernmental nonprofit organizations operated in the country, today their number exceeded 8000.

In continuation of the reforms started twenty-five years ago the country has recently adopted the Law On Social Partnership, which set the rules of interaction between state and nongovernmental organizations. Currently, the development and adoption initiated of laws On State Service, On Diplomatic Service, and On the Protocols. A need appeared to adopt a new version of the law On International Treaties, which today regulates how to ratify international treaties, but not describes how to ensure their implementation.

The session ended with a question asked by well-known journalist Shahnoza Ganieva. She asked about the further development of the sphere of culture.

Sodiq Safayev and Akmal Saidov noticed that Uzbekistan has chosen the path of development of secular state, while stressed that the country has provided not only the revival of national values, but also the development of global cultural trends. At the same time, the parties agreed that the details of this conversation would be possible to talk in the third session of the Press Club: 2016.

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