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Press Club Tips for Political Parties and This Year Elections

The Press Club continues plenary sessions, during which the media representatives in interactive way learn the most complete information related to this year elections. One of these sessions was devoted to the political parties, their competitiveness, political correctness, and new approaches in the work with the electorate.

Answers to the questions of journalists were given by the representatives of all four parties - the deputy chairman of the Council of the Milliy Tiklanish Party Feruza Mukhamedjanova, deputy chairman of the Council of the UzLiDeP Bakhtiyor Yakubov, Alisher Shodmonov from Adolat Party and deputy chairman of the Council of the People’s Democratic Party Rustam Kamilov, and the expert of the Institute for Monitoring of Current Legislation Karine Djavakova.

The speakers briefed the participants of the session on their political parties, present activities and plans that will be implemented in case of the win of their candidate.

And Karine Djavakova briefed on the features of each political party, spoke about the changes and characteristics of the election this year, the legal mechanisms that regulate the activity of the party in the electoral participation. Here are the highlights from her speech:

“I want to emphasize that in 2015 the elections were won by incumbent President Islam Karimov, who scored 90% of the vote. Although the electoral process took place in full accordance with the law, yet the competition was weak. Over 25 years of independence, the first president won credibility with the people. In the elections this year, there is no clear leader. The candidates from all political parties are trying to make every effort to win votes. This is the main feature of the upcoming elections. We also should tell about changes took place in the legislation. If previously political parties should gather 5% of voters’ signatures to participate in the elections, now this figure has been reduced to 1%. It turns easier for political parties to take part in the electoral process. The norm of early voting has also been introduced. Of course, it was before. But this time, a clear mechanism was defined on for how it will be implemented. People in custody have also got the opportunity to vote. Eleven polling stations have been created for this purpose. Forms of election campaigning were also defined. Family voting now is prohibited. Significant work is being carried out on raising the legal culture of our voters. Our people understand that it is their choice.

But most importantly, the way of people’s thinking is changing. Voters are paying more attention to the programs of the candidates, thinking how to develop the country. Demand of voters increases. People understand that a lot depends on their choice.

All political parties pursue the objective of building a democratic state and civil society, ensuring peace and prosperity of the people. Nevertheless, each of them puts its priorities to achieve this objective. Each has its own tactics, accents, different electorate, and different ideologies. For example, the People’s Democratic Party represents the interests of socially vulnerable strata of the population. The electorate of UzLiDeP is business people and entrepreneurs. Representatives of the party advocate the priority of private property. The electorate of Adolat Party includes teachers, doctors - employees of state budget organizations. Naturally, it protects the interests of those segments of the population. Milliy Tiklanish Party puts spirituality above all, because the human factor is the most important thing, which decides the success of all the reforms. After all, spirituality is an invincible force. The party calls not to forget the traditions, roots, because we are children of the Uzbek people.

It should be noted that from year to year the interest increases in the elections, and political parties. They are needed for the country’s safety, stability and peace. They provide continuity of power in the framework of the law, without shocks, disruption and anti-constitutional actions. All parties have parliamentary groups, where they are mainly engaged in lawmaking. It is only at the parliamentary level, and not on the streets or squares, the conflicts of views, ideas, and opinions should happen that concern the different segments of the population. Therefore, the most important - our political parties provide peace and stability in our country.

A lot has changed in the country in 25 years, including the electoral system, and not only its structure changed, but its essence as well. The development of the electoral system influences on the development of a multiparty system. Each party tries to get more seats in Parliament, as it has a motivation to express the interests of the social groups it represents. Then, put plans into practice.

Organizational and legal conditions and mechanisms are consistently developing as well that ensure the activity of political parties in electoral processes. Their status strengthens, which encourages them to be active. They are already showing this activity, working with the electorate.

It should be noted that from election to election political struggle goes on a new basis. Political parties extend the scope of their activities, and respectively, increase their responsibility to the people.
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