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Press Club Opinion of Foreign Journalists

Press Club has begun its third day of work. Foreign journalists shared their opinions on the Press Club that was established by the nongovernmental media for the first time.

Ameya Sathaye, editor in chief, information-analytical portal Sarkaritel, India:

“I really liked the idea of establishing a press club to cover the elections of President of Uzbekistan. Here journalists during numerous meetings with experts, representatives of state agencies and public organizations receive exhaustive answers to all questions.

Of course, before the arrival, I studied the situation in Uzbekistan by the media materials, but in the Press Club I have been able to get answers to all the questions, which are necessary for the preparation of objective materials.”

Amit Mittal, chief editor, The Blue Moon magazine:

“I covered the elections and other important political processes in different countries. And the media platform you created here fully meets the highest standard. The club has all conditions for journalists and transmission of information to our editorials. I really liked the club program that allows to get acquainted with Uzbekistan. Such a platform will not only help to the appropriate coverage of elections but the popularization of the country as well.”

Inderveer Singh, editor, Business Central Asia magazine:

“The Press Club meets the highest standards and the best international experience. Today your press club could serve a role model for many countries who do not yet have such experience.

The establishment of Press Club says that the country is open and ready to support all journalists who are willing to objectively cover the country’s development. After all, here journalists have access to the most advanced office equipment and high speed internet connection.”
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