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Dildora Jamalova: “Voters in Our Area Are Very Active”

It is expected that more than 20 million people visit the polling stations today for voting. Among the voters, there are those who take an active part in the organization of elections and ensuring the work of election commissions. One of them is the director of the Uspensky Republican Specialized Academic Lyceum Dildora Jamalova, chair of the election commission in the polling station no 83. In the interview to Uzbekistan Today she spoke about her participation in the elections.

Dildora Abduvahabovna, tell us about your participation in the electoral processes.

“The staff of our academic lyceum actively involved in organizing and conducting the elections. On the eve of elections to the invitation of our Consul in Frankfurt we visited Frankfurt, Bavaria, and Bonn with concerts, where we also participated in the campaign activities for students from Uzbekistan studying in German universities. Today the participants of the meeting are voting outside of Uzbekistan. Much work has been done to prepare for the elections in our academic lyceum as well, which today runs a polling station no 83 in Tashkent.”

Where do you start your work day today?

“All members of our electoral commission came to work a bit earlier, an hour before the opening of the polling station. Just before the opening we held briefing, sealed the ballot box, prepared all the papers and necessary documents and opened the polling station. Our lyceum is music institution, thus the station we opened with karnays and surnays. This turned a kind of reminder for residents of our area that today is the day of elections of the President of Uzbekistan and they can come to the polling station and perform their civic duty.”

And when the first voters came?

“The first voters came half an hour before the opening of the polling station. It is pleasant to note that there are young people among the veterans. By the way, for those who vote for the first time, we have prepared a small gift - a set of books, which includes the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a collection of poems by Alisher Navoi. But in general, I want to note that voters in our area are very active.

Among the first who visited our polling station were three international observers. We got acquainted them with our work.”

Equal conditions are created in our country for everyone so they would be able to fulfill their civic duty - to vote for the country’s future. What did you do in your area in this direction?

“26 out of 1350 voters residing in our polling station will not be able to come and vote for health reasons, so they turned to us with a request to visit them in their homes. Member of our committee Javlon Radjabov started visiting them with the opening of the polling station. First he visited Manzura Zakirova, she lives close to the station.”

How do you assess the activity of voters?

“High, many came early in the morning. If this activity continues, the majority of voters in our area will vote in the first half of the day.”

Good luck in your work.
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