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Debates for Expressing Opinions, Not Squabbling

For the first two days of the Press Club, great number of issues has been raised related to the electoral system, and the legislation in this area. One of the next sessions discussed the issue of the lack of debate in Uzbekistan.

As it turned out, this opinion is supported not only by some of our compatriots, but also the guests of the country, particularly foreign journalists. All speakers of the session, which included representatives of all political parties, agreed that debates are held in our country only in the typical to our republic manner.

“Debate is the perfect opportunity to express views. Within the meaning of the West, debate is more squabbling than arguing on the matter, but in the East it is a different story. So we cannot say that we do not have the debate. After all, the debate is held not for the sake of debate, but in order to shape public opinion, win the trust of the people. In our country, if candidates want to spoil a good impression of them, then they prefer western-style debate,” expert of the Institute for Monitoring of Current Legislation Karine Djavakova says.
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