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Authors of the Best Social Spots Announced

In 2012, the National Association of Electronic Mass Media launched a project dedicated to social media products. The Festival of Social Spots is organized every year, which choose out the works of participants from all regions for the final round, and the winner is determined by voting in real time.

Thejuryevery time includesrepresentativesofinternationalorganizations, employeesofstateorganizations, and well-knownjournalists, who during the festival casttheirvotesfortheirfavoritework. This makes the competition fair and open.

This year the traditional festival has become the National Competition of Social Media Products. This year,nearly 200 television and radio spotshave been submitted for the competition. The NAEMM Expert Board selected the best three candidates in three categories. Since it has been held on the eve of the presidential elections, two categorieswere devoted to this theme: ‘The best social spot on electoral issues, aimed at improving the legal knowledge and culture of the population, in particular young people’, and ‘The best social spot calling for citizens to participate actively in electoral processes.’ Another three laureates were represented in the category‘The best social spot on the theme ‘My Uzbekistan’, dedicated to the 25thanniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.’

“Social advertising is a very difficult genre, and political is doubly complicated and more responsible. I estimated the spots, inviting foreign people to visit Uzbekistan, enabling a person within a short screen time to see,get interested, fall in love and decide on his or her travel to your country,” said the head of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK) Bureau of the Central Asian region Fyodor Plotnikov. “This is not my first visit to Uzbekistan. I watched the social spots from this perspective. All that I saw in the competition, in my opinion, is that what young people try to build on the basis of classical Uzbek television. And it is right. These young specialists are very creative and know well how to use modern technologies.”

Citizens, probably, have seen these social spots several times on TV, because they are broadcasting on TV a few hundred times.

In addition to the creative teams of TV channels, three radio stationswere awarded incentive prizes, who submitted their works for the competition. Those included Rukhsor radio,Nasaf FM and NukusFM. 

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