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AkmalSaidov:“Press Club Is the Indicator of the Political Maturity in the Country”

“Press Club: is an indicator of increasing role of nongovernmental media in the coverage of elections,” the director of the National Center for Human RightsAkmalSaidov considers.

He also noted that the opening of the Press Club was an indicator of the political maturity of the country, the implementation of best practices of building a democratic state.

Opening of the Press Club shows excellent preparedness of nongovernmental media to cover the elections in all aspects.

Two sessions are worth to be noted from which the Press Club began its work. The first session was devoted to the political modernization of the country, and the second –to the transparency of elections and its democratic nature. Participation in these events of a large number of journalists shows that they want to be prepared for the coverage of this important event in the life of the country by getting deeply into all the political processes of the country. Today they have a platform where they can get answers to all the questions from leading experts.

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