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“Political Parties Follow the Laws of Ethics”
“Political Parties Follow the Laws of Ethics”

Aleksei Lazurenko, broadcaster, Ren TV Russian channel:

“Political Parties Follow the Laws of Ethics” 30-11-2016
“Political Parties Follow the Laws of Ethics” 72
Press Club: Officially Opened
Press Club: Officially Opened

From November 30 to December 5 the Crystal hall of the International Hotel Tashkent will host the Press Club: This multimedia platform has all conditions for Uzbekistan and foreign journalists to prepare materials on the elections of the President of Uzbekistan.

Press Club: Officially Opened 30-11-2016
Press Club: Officially Opened 111
The new way of elections in Uzbekistan – Press

The main political event of the year will be held on December 4 - the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For wide coverage of the forthcoming election of the President of Uzbekistan the Central Election Commission accredited more than 1300 representatives of foreign and national media.

 Date Added: 29-11-2016
Number of views: 137
Meeting with Russian journalists

In the republican press centre for coverage of the elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a meeting took place on 28 November 2016 between the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, M.Abdusalomov, and representatives of Russian media accredited for coverage of the country’s presidential elections. 

 Date Added: 29-11-2016
Number of views: 61
Early voting has started in presidential elections

Serious preparations are carried out for the upcoming December 4th presidential elections in our country. All conditions for voting have been created at the polling stations.  Early voting begins ten days before the election and ends the day before the election. The timing of early voting is determined by the district election commission and shall be brought to the attention of voters,...

 Date Added: 29-11-2016
Number of views: 73
How to Make a New Law Work

Normative acts passed sometimes do not work because they do not contain concrete mechanisms for the realization of laws currently in force and no sub-law acts are published, without which the laws simply cannot operate.  

 Date Added: 25-11-2016
Number of views: 103
Presidential Elections in Media Focus

An international roundtable discussion in Tashkent has provided an effective platform to address application of international standards in covering presidential elections in Uzbekistan by nongovernmental TV and radio broadcasters of the country in the context of national experience and global practices.

 Date Added: 25-11-2016
Number of views: 137
Cherishing the Traditions Carefully

The capital has been immersed in the atmosphere of the beautiful for about a month. For the first time, Tashkent is hosting the International Festival of Arts ‘Golden Autumn’, the program of which presents concerts of world renowned domestic and foreign musicians.

 Date Added: 25-11-2016
Number of views: 119
Tracing the Path of History

Uzbekistan will become one of the points of the international expedition ‘Great Silk Road 2017.’ It will be headed by a Polish reporter and researcher, member of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Royal Geographical Society in London Jacek Pałkiewicz.

 Date Added: 24-11-2016
Number of views: 89
Survey: 97.5% of voters are ready to participate in presidential elections

The Centre for public opinion studies "Ijtimoiy Fikr" has conducted the second phase of the sociological survey on the theme "Presidential elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2016".

 Date Added: 23-11-2016
Number of views: 99
A Hectic Life of a Volunteer

On November 14 this year, the Red Crescent Society (RCS) of Uzbekistan turned 91. It is an organization distinct with targeted social status, and assisting to the state and its agencies in addressing priority social issues.

 Date Added: 21-11-2016
Number of views: 84
Long-term observers from CIS start their mission in Uzbekistan

Long-term observers of the Mission from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have arrived in Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 19-11-2016
Number of views: 112
Green Corridor

Uzbekistan has been rapidly expanding its presence in the food markets of the CIS, Europe and the Middle East. 

 Date Added: 18-11-2016
Number of views: 87
Tourist potential of Uzbekistan presented in London world travel market-2016

From 7th to 9th of November London has hosted the 37th world tourism fair World Travel Market-2016 (WTM-2016). This is one of the largest and most popular international tourism exhibitions which practically represents the entire spectrum of services in this area. Being the second largest tourist exhibition in Europe (after Berlin) WTM has been conducting annually since 1980.

 Date Added: 17-11-2016
Number of views: 77
Invitation to elections – symbol of pride

Quite often in our lives, we receive invitations to conferences, concerts, wedding ceremonies and various other events. However, elections are special events. Undoubtedly, an invitation to them evokes a feeling of pride in all of us.

 Date Added: 17-11-2016
Number of views: 145
What ideas do political parties advance?

23 days away from the presidential elections in Uzbekistan, we offer our readers the basic ideas being pushed forward by the country’s political parties who have nominated their candidates for the post of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

 Date Added: 16-11-2016
Number of views: 152
Presidential elections illustrate democratic transformations and reforms

Preparations for the upcoming presidential elections in our country has entered into an active phase. Reporter talked to the chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mirzoulugbek Abdusalomov on the significance of the elections for the future development of our country, on the amendments, made to the electoral legislation, as well as on the preparations for the elections. ...

 Date Added: 15-11-2016
Number of views: 175
To Secure a Better Future

The major outcomes and development prospects in the social sector in Uzbekistan are traditionally summed up on the eve of December 8 – the Constitution Day. Meanwhile, the country’s government has approved several normative acts that are suggestive of upcoming enormous positive transformation in the current year across many key sectors of the national economy. New projects and programs have already...

 Date Added: 11-11-2016
Number of views: 91
Ombudsman’s Office Launches Voters’ Hotline

Uzbekistan Today correspondent has interviewed the Oliy Majlis Commissioner for Human Rights, Ulughbek Muhammadiyev, on the role of the institution of Ombudsman in the electoral process. 

 Date Added: 06-11-2016
Number of views: 125
Objectives Supported by the Electorate

 Representatives of different enterprises, women and youth have attended the meeting of presidential candidate Sarvar Otamuratov from Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party of Uzbekistan with the wider public of Khorezm region. 

 Date Added: 06-11-2016
Number of views: 117