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Woman of Uzbekistan: Who Is She Like?

On the eve of the women's holiday on March 8, the correspondent of "Uzbekistan Today" met with Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Director of the Public Opinion Research Center "Ijtimoiy Fikr" Rano Ubaydullayeva and talked with her about the world outlook and feelings of modern Uzbek women.

- Rano Akhatovna, where are our women in demand now?

- Today in Uzbekistan, 48% of women with working age actively work in various sectors of the economy, in the sphere of management and production. About 70% of teachers working in general schools are women. Among them 35% - the school directors, 47% - deputy directors, 56% - heads of the centers "Barkamol avlod".

Among the specialists of educational institutions with higher level- professional colleges and academic lyceums, the proportion of women contains 50%, and in higher education institution there are 43% of the faculty is women.

In the healthcare sector, 78% of medical personnel are women, including about 53% of doctors. They work actively in almost all areas of the healthcare, including the most complex, specialized and high-tech industries.

In recent years, their share of women in such modern, high-tech industries as automotive, microbiology, pharmaceuticals, electronic and electrical industry, ICT system and others is constantly increasing.

- How much the sociological surveys conducted by your center allow to monitor the changes happening in the life of women in the country, and what is their social portrait?

- The Center "Ijtimoiy Fikr" regularly conducts comprehensive sociological surveys of public opinion among the women of Uzbekistan. They made it possible to compile an integrated description of a modern Uzbek woman on the basis of the most significant indicators: socio-demographic profile, spiritual and moral values, and socio-political attitudes.

A modern woman of Uzbekistan is a socially active person, educated, having a profession, striving for the career growth, making direct participation in the life of the country and society.

Surveys show that among women there was formed the understanding for the significance of vocational education for the progress in the labor market. Most of their participants confirm how important it is to be a professionally educated woman, it is because that her further promotion in the labor market, competitiveness and getting prestigious work depend on it.

More than half of the respondents stated their desire to move higher up the career ladder. Many of them are confident that they have a high potential for professional growth and can compete on an equal footing with men in the labor market. They also consider themselves capable of mastering a new profession if it is necessary. This is an indication that the women in Uzbekistan are becoming more active, independent, self-confident.

There was found out the trend of increasing number of women engaged in entrepreneurial activity, as well as those who wish to do it.

Their participation in business is of great social significance: they become active participants in economic life, replenish the family budget, and financial independence makes them self-confident and leads them to leveling up the social status.

As our sociological studies have shown, a successful business woman takes a very responsible attitude to her duties, is inclined to elaborate the trifles, delve into the nuances.

- What are the priorities of our women in the spiritual and moral sphere?

- The life values of women in Uzbekistan are largely determined by national traditions and social attitudes. In the first five of moral values which were the priority for our women, there are peace and prosperity in the country, family and children, then work, education, health.

A characteristic feature of the oriental mentality of women with a support on the family is quite compatible with the formation of a new type of relationship in the family with equal priorities for the spouses in solving the main problems of the family, especially in the matter of upbringing the children. Moreover, every second woman believes that the main priority should be education in the education of the children, as well as cultivation of such qualities as diligence, honesty, respect for elders, patriotism, the sense of responsibility in children.

The majority of respondents believes that the most important role belongs to the woman in the matter of educating a harmoniously developed young generation, creating a positive microclimate in the family.

- What are the social moods of the women of our country today?

- First of all, they have a high level of social optimism. According to the research results, the overall coefficient of social optimism in the country's women is more than 80%. This is confirmed by the fact that the absolute majority of women are confident that Uzbekistan will successfully solve the problems facing it, will become a highly developed and prosperous country in the near future.

Polls show that peace in the family and the country, the health and well-being of loved ones are the main factors which positively influence in the mood of the representatives of the beautiful half, please them and inspire optimism. They have a sense of belonging to the affairs of the state, for most of them the main source of a positive mood is peace and prosperity of the Motherland.

The absolute majority of survey participants has a specific goal in life and strives to achieve it. Purposefulness testifies the positive changes taking place in their lives: they become more active, the degree of their involvement in all spheres of life increases, and at the same time the responsibility for both their family and society as a whole.

In their opinion, in order to achieve the set goal, to become successful and happy, it is necessary to have certain qualities. There are, above all, energy and diligence, education and professionalism, honesty and tranquility.

- Do they consider themselves happy?

- On this question, most women (over 80%) confidently answer "yes"! For many of them the feeling of happiness directly depends on well-being and stability in the family and the country. Having a strong and united family, peace and prosperity of the Motherland, happiness and health of close people - without these conditions women cannot feel themselves happy.

Taking into consideration of that women are optimistic by nature, they always believe that tomorrow will be better than today. And of course, happier!

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