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What makes life shorter?

In recent years, the death rate increased slightly from 143,253 cases in 2011 to 149,761 cases in 2014 . What was the cause of each death? The answer to this question was published in the collection of statistical data "Healthcare of Uzbekistan 2015" by the State Committee for Statistics.

Most Uzbeks die from diseases of the circulatory system. About 90 thousand people die each year from these diseases.

The second leading cause of death is neoplasm, from 10 do12,3 thousand people die each year. The third place, among the leading causes of death occupy accidents, poisonings and traumas.

Every year, the death of 5000 people is caused by respiratory diseases and digestive diseases. Just under 5000 people die due to endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders.

Infectious and parasitic disease cause nearly three thousand deaths. Genitourinary and nervous systems disorders account for approximately an equal number of deaths - about 2.5 thousand each.

Mental disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, as well as diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs are lower on the list. These diseases cause the death of about 500 people per year.





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