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What will please the visitors of the Mirzo Ulugbek park, opening after reconstruction?

The exact date of the opening of the Mirzo Ulugbek park (ex-Telman Park) in Tashkent became known. It will be held on June 15. But for two whole days it's been so long, right? Therefore, the correspondent of visited the park in advance and learned all the details about the attractions, prices, green areas and much more. So - what awaits you for a new and beautifully restored facade?

The reconstruction project was divided into two stages. Now, completed the first, the success of which the townspeople will be able to evaluate very soon. Within the framework of the second it is expected to build a large entertainment complex with aquazone. He will be adjacent to the park from the old TASHMI.

We hasten to reassure - not a single tree was damaged during the reconstruction. On the contrary, new ones were planted. The main purpose of the company, engaged in updating the park, was to make it more modern and safe, but at the same time to preserve the atmosphere and the mood of the beloved by all and the place associated with carefree childhood.

At the entrance of guests meets a cozy, quiet and green area with benches and multi-colored lanterns - an ideal place for a measured rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

There is also a zone for rest and communication of elderly people. They will be waiting for free tea and ice cream.
There are four fountains in the park. In tandem with a shadow from perennial trees they create a special microclimate, which will be appreciated on warm summer days.

Within the framework of the "Safe City" project, 200 video cameras were established. Also in the near future here will work free Wi-Fi. Smoking is prohibited throughout the park.

For those who came with children, but dreams for a while to feel free, those whose soul requires silence, a labyrinth is located in the green zone. Its creators are sure - it will enthrall the small adventurers for a long time, allowing parents to take a breath.
Then the ladder follows. And, only the first part of it is preserved, the rest is transformed into a cascade fountain. Before him there is a divarication and the eternal choice - to the right or left. Both descents lead to the entertainment area.

The central alleyway of the park is called "European". And it is justified - a walk along it takes you to the street of the European city.

The avenue of the French carousel is coming to an end - exactly the same one in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. All the figures of the attraction are made by hand. In the dark, the carousel illuminates 2,000 colorful lights that create the illusion of carousel movement even when the attraction does not work.

In the park, a Ferris wheel, established in 1974, was retained. But due to a lack of compliance with safety standards, it has become only a symbol and "visiting card" of the park. Ride on the "devil" will not work.

But the attraction "Water walks" by the numerous requests of Tashkent people was decided to remain functioning. He underwent only minor changes. All other attractions are new and European, produced by France and Italy. They were also collected by Europeans, directly, producers, specially invited to Tashkent.

In total there are 26 attractions in the park, two more will be added shortly.
70% of them are family. The rest are suitable either for children or for those who are older, moreover, with a strong nervous system. The most extreme are Galeon, a pirate ship that, swinging, tilts almost 90 degrees, and a 40-meter "Tower" that gives all daredevils an opportunity to experience the whole gamut of emotions from free fall and admire the panorama of the city.

The park will have the largest children's playground in the city, located on
3.5 thousand m². On its perimeter will also install video cameras. In the future, it is planned to purchase a special GPS-clock for children, so that parents cannot worry about the safety of their children, and let them walk around the park.

The lake, located at the end of the park, was decided to be made "alive". He was freed from boats and catamarans, creating a real nook of nature. Ducks and geese settled here, and soon black and white swans will become permanent dwellers.

There are two fountains on the lake. One of them - "Cannon" throws jets of water at 40 meters in height.
Scene and venue for events were preserved. One of the main objectives of the park is the organization of cultural leisure. On a regular basis, musical evenings, poetry meetings, various festivals will be held here.

The park is open from 9.00 to 23.00. The cost of attractions - from 4 000 up to 12,000 soums. Pay entertainment, food and drinks will be possible through plastic cards. To implement them and replenish the balance will open five cash desks.
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