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What Does Advertizing Tell About?

Looking at advertizing structures in the city sometimes one cannot help, to put it mildly, hide one’s smile. But why?

Diyor Mirzaakhmadov had thought on this question on many occasions while he worked for almost a decade in one of the divisions of “Tasviriy oyina” creative union, at the Academy of Sciences and in the quality of the Chief artist of the capital city. And then he created one of the leading advertising agencies in the country. He was also the initiator and organizer of marketing and advertising ADWEEK, which was held for the first time last spring.

         “Diyor, so what is the reason behind frequently arising problem of irresponsible advertising content that we come across in the city?” 
         “Often we can hear allegations against specialists who create the content of these structures. However, working in the field and being familiar with many of them, I can say outright: the problem lies elsewhere. We have good specialists, but they have very few platforms to pool experiences, ideas, discuss problems, and find joint solutions to their professional problems.

“It is not for nothing that the program of our week included not only “round table” discussions and conferences but also contests. Any sector of activity needs kind of “beacons”, which help find direction and compete with the best and the strongest. For a long time the advertizing industry lacked mechanism which could help identify the best ones. We needed some undertakings and events, and to be more specific, we needed competitions, which would reveal the best ones in compliance with the established criteria. And this is what we have done. By the way, you can get acquainted with the winners of the contest at the official site of the week in the Internet.

         “Alignment with the strongest is a guarantee of success in any business. It is not accidental that those leaders who align with the best employees go upward. Seeing this, others too start to catch up with them.
         “The scientific-practical part of the week passed with the participation of the bodies of state power – Ministries, departments and committees. This enabled us to discuss the problems and the most diverse issues facing us and related both to legal and narrowly professional aspects of our activities”.
         “ADWEEK was your initiative. Why, as a businessman and a busy person with enough work to do, did you bother to take upon yourself a burden of unnecessary hassle?”

        “I like to bring people together and unite them in an effort to resolve acute problems. And the words “unnecessary hassle” actually offends me. It is a great job and it was absolutely needed to be done. The idea to hold such a large scale event had sprung up last December, and in April it was already implemented. This event would not happen without the support of the organizations working in the advertizing market of the city and without the government agencies.

“When I shared my initiative with designers and advertisers, everywhere I met only their full support either in the solution of organizational issues or simply in the form of their involvement. And no one refused to help. There were also those who helped only with a piece of advice, but it was a valuable advice.
        “I have also found support at the State Committee for Competition and Anti-Monopoly and other government agencies. There is a misleading popular perception that the government officials do not need anything. They simply have no time because of their current workload and have no time left to display an initiative. But they are open for cooperation with the authors of ideas and proposals that help the development of the state and the society in general.”

“The Week of marketing and advertizing had turned into one of the most widely discussed events. How do you visualize the future of advertizing?”

“Today it is the gudgets that rule the world. The world outlook of a human has narrowed down to the notebook and mobile screens. This is where one draws information from. Hence it follows that the advertizing boom lies somewhere over there – within social networks and Internet resources - electronic information carriers. And all those who work in this market will face huge problems in the struggle for an advertiser, including those dealing with outdoor advertizing. It is not enough to display a banner in a crowded place for it to be seen by as many townspeople as possible, one has to fight to draw people’s attention to it.
       “There is no doubt that these technologies will soon reach our parts. We tend to approach everything carefully, thoughtfully and thoroughly. We have always paid great attention to the content. Look at our architectural monuments and modern buildings: they are fully in line with our mentality and our ancestors’ ideas about life. While working on the next project, we think thoroughly about the color scheme, content, use of elements of national color, and many other “little things”. This will keep happening also in the future, but, just by choosing one or another solution, rather than relying on the senses we will lean on the results of public opinion research, because they are more objective and more efficient.

“By the way, all these aspects were actively considered and elaborated on at our Week of marketing and advertizing.”        



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