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What did UzA correspondents see who prepared the material on the fact of suicide, illuminated by the radio “Ozodlik”?

According to the radio "Ozodlik" ("Freedom"), a resident of the city of Margilan Dilorom Mamirova recently allegedly attempted suicide by hanging because she was threatened to evict from an apartment donated on behalf
of the President of Uzbekistan. And only neighbors were able to save the woman ... What is behind this incident, UzA correspondents found out.

In 2017, on the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, and on his instructions to disabled people, 1207 apartments were provided on the basis of long-term preferential lending, with the condition that the first installment of the apartment be refunded from the budget.

In addition, for low-income families in dire need of housing, cheap housing is built and leased. According to journalist Mukhammadjon Obidov, only in Margilan city 142 low-income families were provided with apartments on a lease basis.

A resident of one of these apartments is Dilorom Mamirova, she threatened to commit suicide by hanging when February 12 the employees of housing and communal services addressed her with the demand to pay the rent for January, February and March of this year, in the amount of 107 thousand soums.

In the Uzbek version of UzA there is a video, where journalists interviewed D.Mamirova herself. Briefly, the essence of the content of the video is as follows. She thanks the head of state for giving her an apartment, but declares that she has nothing to pay for renting housing: she does not work anywhere, there is no breadwinner, and her retired father lives separately.

However, she adds with strange pride that this is the fourth attempt at suicide, showing a scratch on her neck. Having said that the first time she did so and managed to resume gas supply when she was cut off gas for debts. Apparently, such a method of blackmailing local authorities seemed very beneficial to her.

In the message of the radio "Ozodlik" it was also said that before the President arrived on the first floor of the new house, TV sets and upholstered furniture were installed to residents, and after the departure of the head of state they allegedly took everything back from there. In the video of our website the disabled Salohiddin Boltabayev meets journalists in his apartment, where there are TV and furniture, he sincerely perplexes about why the authors of the radio “Ozodlik” website had to misinform their audience.

With regard to Dilorom Mamirova, S.Boltabayev responded in the sense that it was clear to the woman that she had to declare herself through the media in this way. And that such a thirst for popularity is not peculiar to the Uzbek people at all.

By the way, this is not the only case of insufficient verification of information prepared by the radio “Ozodlik”. Thus, radio journalists spread unreliable information that Uktam Barnoyev, the hokim of the Bukhara region, was allegedly released from his post, Karim Kamolov, who worked as a hokim of the city of Bukhara, was appointed in his place. In reality Uktam Barnoyev continues to head the Bukhara region.

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