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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Uzbekistanis living abroad have started active participation in the development of Uzbekistan

Our compatriots, educating and working abroad, this year founded the international non-governmental organization "Buyuk Kelajak" ("Great Future"). On May 7, in Tashkent a press conference dedicated to the activities of this organization was held.

Our country, which is the cradle of great scientists and thinkers, and today is able to nurture talented people. Many of our compatriots living abroad achieve great successes in various spheres. Among them, scientists, business people, representatives of international and public organizations, students. These patriots, who feel involved in the fate of the Motherland, today rally the ranks in the name of her great future.

At the event held in the videoconference format, it was noted that in our country, in accordance with the Strategy of Actions on the five priority development directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 and the Concept of Administrative Reform, a large-scale work is carried out to liberalize the economy, modernize the life of the state and society, in this the use of international experience and a scientific approach is important.

President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev, during a meeting with a group of our compatriots living in the United States of America, held in September 2017, urged Uzbek people abroad to participate in large-scale reforms in our country, to make their worthy contribution to its development.

After the appeal of the head of our state an international non-governmental non-profit organization "Buyuk Kelajak" was established. This structure unites around us our compatriots living abroad, patriots, who set a goal to introduce innovative ideas into the industry and science of our country.

The first members of the Expert Council of the organization 32 compatriots working in the Development Strategy Center, also in the US, Russia, Great Britain and other countries of the world.

At the event, the executive director of the Development Strategy Center A. Burkhonov, the members of the Expert Council of the Buyuk Kelajak organization A. Kalanov, B. Ismoilov, and the compatriots from different parts of the world who connected to the event via videoconferencing expressed their views on further reforming the institutions of public administration, the development of investment and finance.

Our compatriots abroad noted that making a worthy contribution to the development of Uzbekistan is a matter of honor for them, they are inspired by the attention they provide, are ready to use all their knowledge and opportunities along the path of development of banking, industrial, financial, educational, investment, technological and other spheres of life Homeland.
"I got an education in oil and gas in France and England," says Oybek Shaykhov. - Participating in the work of the organization "Buyuk Kelajak", I intend to actively promote the reform processes in our country, share his experience. During the first meeting, the members of the organization agreed to create working groups to develop the concept of tax reform, targeted projects in such areas as health care, ecology. Thanks to this organization, we were able to gather in one place and discuss the successful strategy of the future comprehensively.

The meeting discussed the formation of the Expert Council of the Buyuk Kelajak organization, the development of a long-term development model of Uzbekistan based on the development strategy until 2035, the formation of working groups on economics, public administration and the social sphere with the participation of international consulting companies.

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