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Uzbekistan Citizens Spend Almost Half Salary on Food

In Uzbekistan, every person purchases more than 40 items of food within a month on average. It is accounted for approximately 40% of wages. The Association of Food Industry Enterprises has published this data.

Experts say that meat consumption per capita has been increased by 1.3 times, milk and dairy products - by 1.6 times, and processed fruit and vegetables almost 4 times over the years of independence.

The analysis shows that, the country provides a minimum level of consumption mainly at the expense of domestic production. The standard rate of consumption is 40 kg of meat and meat products (carcass weight) per person, what is 1.2 million tons a year. However, the country produces about 1.9 million tons. This year, for milk and dairy consumption, the annual standard rate of consumption is 4.8 million tons. The average annual milk production in the past five years is amounted to 8.6 million tons.

In 1990, the population’s need in meat, dairy and confectionery products was satisfied by imports. Today, 96% of the population need is satisfied by domestic products.

In addition, share of the food industry is growing in the republic. If in 2011, the figure was 12.6%, now it is almost 17%. Food industry enterprises produced more than 3 million names of different foods, and annual growth in the range of food products is more than 80 names.

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