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Uzbekistan will adopt territorial plans to counter the spread of HIV infection

The President instructed to remove shortcomings and raise the system of measures to counteract the spread of HIV infection to a modern and qualitatively new level.

This follows from the President's Decree "On measures to further improve the system of countering the spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus in the Republic of Uzbekistan".

A set of measures aimed at:

- carrying out in the context of regions regular analysis of the causes and conditions of the spread of HIV infection, developing comprehensive measures to prevent the spread of the disease among the general population in accordance with national traditions and spiritual and moral foundations;

- adoption of territorial plans to counteract the spread of HIV infection, taking into account regional features that involve the mobilization of local financial, human and material resources;

- development and support of domestic scientific research and innovative developments in the field of HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the country, ensuring the implementation of their results in healthcare practice, and establishing close cooperation with leading foreign research centers in this field;

- establishment of production of modern diagnosticums and test systems for detecting HIV infection and opportunistic (accompanying) diseases, including by attracting investments and developing public-private partnerships;

- improving the system of training and retraining of personnel, strengthening in this direction mutually beneficial cooperation with leading foreign educational and scientific institutions, conducting joint scientific and practical activities in the field of countering the spread of HIV infection;

- phased increase in the share of financing from the State budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the purchase of high-quality antiretroviral drugs;

- strengthening the social protection of HIV-infected individuals, including the establishment of a system for the uninterrupted supply of dry infant formulas for children born to HIV-infected mothers;

- further strengthening the material and technical base of specialized AIDS-control institutions, including inter-district laboratories for diagnosing HIV infection, equipping them with modern medical equipment;

- introduction of modern information and communication technologies in the activities of medical institutions for the purpose of system analysis and planning of measures to combat HIV infection.

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