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Uzbekistan Improving the Legal Framework of Administrative Proceedings

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan has completed a draft concept of the Law ‘On the administrative legal proceedings’, and disclosed its content.

The project was prepared in the framework of the Program of comprehensive measures to further reform the judicial system, strengthening guarantees of reliable protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

According to the project the document aims to create effective institutional mechanisms of the administrative proceedings, write the experts at the The concept is aimed at improving the administrative and legal institutions, the development of common principles and rules of administrative proceedings. During the development of the bill the need will be taken into account of standardization and systematization in one legal act of the norms regulating the relations in the field of administrative proceedings. The bill developers have to solve one more important task – the implementation of international principles and standards, as well as positive foreign experience and developments in this area.

The law ‘On the administrative legal proceedings’ presumably will consist of four sections. The first section will include the general provisions concerning the scope of the law, the principles of administrative proceedings, the right to appeal to the Administrative Court, claims forms (administrative affairs), addressed in the administrative proceedings, etc. The second section will include the norms of legal proceedings in the administrative court of first instance, which will contain the rules governing the procedure for filing complaints with the Administrative Court, their acceptance or refusal to accept by the court, procedural order of the proceedings in the trial court, and procedural documents (the judgment). The third section will be devoted to proceedings for the revision of the judgment. The fourth section will include the final situation in which questions of execution of court decisions will be addressed, as well as the procedure and the effective date of the law.

Currently, the concept developers approach to all interested parties to consider and provide specific comments and suggestions on the draft concept.

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