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Uzbekistan Citizens to Elect Their Representatives for Organizing the Activities of Mahalla Committees

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of July 31, 2017 No. 561 ‘On approval of the Resolution on the organization of activities of representatives of citizens’ has been adopted.

Details about the main provisions of the Resolution are in the material of experts of the informational-legal portal

A representative of citizens is a citizen of Uzbekistan who is elected at general meetings of the population of streets, houses, precincts in the territory of citizens’ assemblies, acting on their behalf and representing their interests on citizens’ assemblies on the basis of the norm of representation established by the commissions on assisting the organization and holding of elections of chairs (aksakals) of citizens’ assemblies and their advisors.

The working group set up to conduct and organize the election of the chair (aksakal) of the citizens’ assemblies and its advisors is also considered responsible for organizing and conducting elections of representatives of citizens.

The working group in the organization and conduct of the election of representatives cooperates with the councils of the citizens’ assemblies, appoints the place, day and date of the general meeting of the population of precincts, houses and streets of citizens’ assemblies and notifies the citizens in the corresponding territory 3 days before the meeting.

Candidates to representatives of citizens are nominated by the general meeting of the population and are elected by open voting of the population of the corresponding territory.

Candidates for representatives of citizens must:
• reach the age of 18;
• have a permanent residence in the relevant territory;
• have a good reputation and life experience.

Candidates who received a majority of votes of the general meeting of the population are considered elected as representatives of citizens.

Representatives of citizens have the right to vote on behalf of their neighbors. So, in cases of impossibility of convocation of citizens, the council of citizens can decide to hold a meeting of representatives of citizens. This meeting is considered plenipotentiary if at least 2/3 representatives of citizens participate in it. A presidium is elected for holding the meeting. Decisions of the meeting of representatives of citizens are drawn up by the relevant protocol.

Decisions taken at the meeting of representatives of citizens are equated with the decisions of the citizens’ assembly.

In addition, the main tasks of representatives of citizens are:
• participation in the implementation of activities to support low-income and needy families;
• assistance in the implementation of action plans aimed at ensuring the integrated development of citizens’ assembly, improvement, gardening, improvement of the sanitary condition of the territory from which they are elected;
• within the territory they elected, participate in the implementation of public control over the implementation of laws and other normative acts, observance of the rights and legitimate interests of business entities, the quality of public services provided by public service organizations, the observance of rules for the construction of buildings and the maintenance of the territory adjacent to the houses;
• assistance in collecting debts for the public utilities, conducting measures for economical use of electricity, hot and cold water, organizing voluntary works on landscaping of the territory, exemplary maintenance of houses and yards;
• assistance to the commissions on the main activities of the citizens’ assembly in the organization and conduct of various events on its territory.

In the implementation of these tasks, representatives of citizens can submit proposals to the council of citizens’ assembly on the consideration of tasks of territorial importance, on the need to support low-income families, on draft plans of measures aimed at improving their territory, on additional material support for young people from low-income and needy families, as well as to organize their weddings.
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