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Universal journalist should think multimedially!

A training seminar "Convergent and multimedia technologies for professional coverage of culture, art, history and identity of Uzbekistan on TV channels and in the Internet" for journalists of non-government electronic media is held in "Bunyodkor" youth multimedia complex as part of the ongoing Tashkent media days organized by NAEMM together with local and foreign partners.

The training is conducted by a well-known television journalist with 40 years experience, experienced trainer Alfiya Kharchenko. A correspondent of Uzbekistan Today IA met with her and asked to tell more about the seminar and its topic.

"The topic is very important and relevant. Convergence – is a result of merger, integration of information and communication technologies into a single information resource. Today, modern media companies extend the range of information and entertainment products using new forms of their presentation.

Organizational structure of journalism will have changed over time and independent newspapers, radio and television will have merged into a specific association with general information center, that is, boundaries between mass communication media will have been effaced.

The word "multimedia" refers to a single information system on the basis of which all types of mass media, which information products "merge" with each other partly, operates.

The phenomenon of multimedia technologies suggests that news information is composed of elements of different languages: visual, textual, graphic, audio-visual. If radio allows you to know what happened, television - to see how it happened, and the next day newspaper - why it happened, multimedia gives answers to all these questions in one journalistic text. The result is a completely new product with unique properties, production technology, and perception style."

These new technologies, probably, change the image of a modern journalist?

"Of course. Today the idea of "universal journalist" is introduced, who is a representative of different types of media while working in a converged editorial office. This will help raise the level of media products creation. His/her main skill is the ability to quickly determine the best format of information product presentation. He/she should have skills to work in different types of mass media, be able to shoot video, write text, take pictures, record audio podcasts, edit stories, work with blogs, to collect a considerable amount of information and reveal the essence of a media product at most. In general, it is important for a "universal journalist" to learn to think multimedially."

In my opinion, the requirements are not simple. How the participants of the seminar correspond to them?

"All of them are young TV journalists who have a lot of new and creative ideas which they would like to put into practice.

During the training they have got acquainted with the international experience of creating programs of various genres, documentaries, reports and other media content in culture and arts, held their detailed analysis. Strengths and mistakes in presentation of information materials on this subject were noted. And then new ideas were generated, the participants were given the task to modify their concept themselves.

The seminar has a practical orientation. The participants have already prepared subjects, which can be used in various types of mass media. Interesting and meaningful works have demonstrated that young journalists of non-government electronic media are full of interesting ideas, are in constant creative search. The main thing is that they learn new things constantly, get professional expertise, and soak in interesting ideas.

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