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The question on creation of social enterprises for employment of disabled persons is worked up

Issues of employment of disabled people have been discussed at the meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Labor and the Advisory Council of public organizations of people with disabilities.

The Council was established in the framework of the Agreement on social partnership between the Ministry and fifteen public organizations of disabled people signed in the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on December 3, 2015. The Advisory Council is open and any registered in the country public organization or NGO working in interests of persons with disabilities are invited to join and become a member of the Council. Prior to the transformation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection into the Ministry of Labor the range of topics for dialogue with the Council has been much wider. Issues of development of social infrastructure, social assistance to persons with disabilities, provide them with widespread facilities such as ramps have been discussed. It has also been raised the issues of employment of people with disabilities.

In view of the changes made a smaller range of issues has been discussed at the meeting: employment of people with disabilities.

The joint plans of the ministry and non-governmental organizations on development of cooperation with international organizations in the field of further improvement of welfare of people with disabilities, ensuring their employment and employability have been discussed. Experts of the Ministry have promised to lobby interests of people with disabilities. As a result, not only jobs but special social enterprises will be created for them.

Issues of organization of public control over observance of the legislation on allocation of quota of jobs for people with disabilities in enterprises employing more than 20 people have been discussed as well.

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